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CompanyName only allowed 50 Characters???

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  • 12-10-2014 5:06 PM

    CompanyName only allowed 50 Characters???

    I have tried to sidestep this by making it a custom field and increasing the text value to 250, but this is not allowed and produces another error

    Import - Step 3: Validation
    Help |  Menu

    Integration Tools menu >> Import / Export menu >> Prepare Data >> Validation 
    ERROR:Value AECON INDUSTRIAL DIV OF AECON CONSTRUCTION GROUP INC. , which you tried to insert into column CompanyName was longer than maximum allowed length of 50.

    Also, the data i export from previous CRM has Full Name in one column, first and last are not separated. Not sure how i can accomodate the standard requirement for "first name" and "name" columns on the Method import rules. 

  • 01-06-2015 11:51 AM In reply to

    Re: CompanyName only allowed 50 Characters???

    Hi. Unfortunately the maxium length for customer name is 50 characters. Part of this is due to limitations imposed by the QuickBooks API. 


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    Re: CompanyName only allowed 50 Characters???


    Yes importing is just fun.  You can Split Name field in Excel....

    (Assume FullName is column a, Firstname is B and lastname is C

    Firstname:   iferror(left(A1,find(" ",a1)) ,a1)   If fullname does not have any space then enter in full name othrwise  find the first space and grab all of the letters before it.

    Lastname:  right(a1,len(a1)-len(b1))   (If you have a middle name, it will fallin last name)

    Hope thats helps... Fran

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