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General issues and comments from a 1st demonstration

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  • 06-03-2015 9:27 AM

    • steveb
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    General issues and comments from a 1st demonstration

    Hi all,

    I'm far from an expert in the not for profit field.  I do have a very long time friend who has consulted in that industry and knows much more than I do.  I gave him a presentation yesterday during which we uncovered the following issues, some more critical than others.

    1) Terminology is a 'huge' issue in this marketplace.  In a couple of places the term 'Customer' is replaced with either 'Donor' or 'Donor (Customer)'.  In many more cases only the word 'Customer' appears.  Not for Profits don't know what a customer is.  These really need to be replaced and quickly.  Potential 'customers' for the use of the app will reject it simply for that reason.

    2) When selecting Items a 'Donation' or 'Non-Donation' items, the checkbox are not reset after updating as 'mark as donation' or 'mark as non donation'.  The checkboxes stay on the newly displayed rows which not have different item names displayed.

    3) There is a disconnect between donor receipts and sales receipts.  When leaving the donor app and going to the sales receipts app the 'default' filter (shared sales receipts) show all donor receipts.  When selecting 'my sales receipts' no receipts are displayed, even though I am the user who entered the donor receipts.  Similarly, 'my sales receipts from today' does not report today's donor receipt.  All other filters (based upon a limited test) appear to be working properly.



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  • 06-03-2015 12:07 PM In reply to

    Re: General issues and comments from a 1st demonstration

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your feedback. It’s extremely important to us if we are to improve and grow the platform. I’ve done some testing on my end and will address your points as best I can.

    1) You are correct that there are a few places within the Donations app where we are referring to Donors or Donor Leads as Customers and Customer Leads. I have created a ticket for the development team to have this addressed. Unfortunately, we cannot make this change when the donor app is linking to another app. An example of this is when you select the button to add a new donor and you are directed to the add contact screen. This screen belongs to the Contacts app and changing the labelling in here would change it for all users who use this app, not just donor users.

    2) I am able to replicate this issue. Since the checked items will no longer appear in the current list after changing the donation status, I also believe that this is the incorrect functionality. As such, I have created a ticket for the development team to address this issue.

    3) I’m not able to replicate this. When I create a donation, the sales receipt record that is created is assigned to me (the current user). When I use the Sales Receipts app to view this record, all of the filters work as they should. Try this again and let me know if your result is different. If so, please provide me with the necessary steps to replicate the issue.

    I’ll keep you posted on the status of the tickets via this forum thread. I hope this helps.


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