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October 2007 - Posts

  • Last day of the Sleeter Convention 2007...

    It's our last day here in Las Vegas and what an experience this conference has been.  The amount of knowledge you can gain in a matter of three days is definitely worth the trip to Vegas and the convention.  You meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and specialties from all over the United States and Canada. 

    I know myself and the rest of the team is headed back to Toronto, not only with a bunch of work to do to get Method ready for our Beta, but now realizing the amount of industries out there that don’t have software. 

    On behalf of Paul, Peter and I, I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our booth and took the time to speak to us.  We are definitely going to be taking all the feedback we received into consideration. 

    We’ll be in touch soon and keep an eye out for the Beta invitation.  Big Smile

    I've included a picture from the show of Peter and Paul answering some questions about Method.

    P.S. In the mean time, if you have questions, concerns or just need some direction, be sure to sign up for the user forum and post away!

    Danny Do Couto
    Method Integration
    Method @ 2007 Sleeter Convention in Las Vegas

  • We're here......Viva Las Vegas.....

    Alright, so here I am writing my inaugural blog post and let me just say, it’s definitely not the type of writing I am use to doing.  Point being - bear with me on this.  I’m sure over time; it will only get better (and more interesting).  Stick out tongue

    Anyway, I wanted to share with you what happened here in Vegas today….

    So we all go throughout life, having milestones that you set out to achieve and most importantly, hope that in the end you are proud with the end result.  Today, I feel Method met a major milestone and let me tell you, it feels REALLY good when other people can share in your success and excitement. 

    After spending 19 months working so hard envisioning, planning, programming and all the rest of that good stuff, we no longer had to be quiet about our newest edition to the Alocet family.  (Just to clear up any confusion, Alocet is actually us, the company behind the creation of Method)

    At today’s show, I know Paul, Peter and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect.  That’s the truth.  What we did know was that we had something really good here and really exciting and wanted to share it with the world!  Okay, maybe not the world, but at the very least everyone attending the Sleeter Conference. 

    Well…..after the first wave of consultants visited our both, we all looked at each other and realized we had a tough job on our hands.  How do we explain what Method is?  Sounds like an easy job right?  WRONG!  How do we explain that Method can do anything they want it to do?  That it’s not the typical boxed product you would buy and a different way of looking at software. 

    After a couple of hour’s worth of conversation at the show, trying different angles to approach how to explain it, we all quickly realized one thing and came to the same conclusion.  Everyone has a client that doesn’t like some aspect of their current software product (that is if they even have a software product right now).

    BINGO!  Once we realized this, it made our lives so much easier.  Scratch the idea of trying to explain what the product IS and instead tell them how it will solve their current issues. 

    Oh yeah, we were on cruise control.  The rest of the late morning and afternoon today felt like a breeze and we were on a roll.  After Paul’s 20 minute presentation, it felt great to see so many people come back to our booth and be as excited as we were about our vision.

    Day 1 of Method’s introduction to the world has definitely been a huge eye opener. It’s been a long day, but definitely worth all the effort.  I’m off to chit chat with some of Intuit’s developers.  Whisper

    Danny Do Couto
    Method Integration

  • And so it begins…

    And so it begins…

    Hours from now we will finally be able to tell the world about what has made us so excited over the last year.  Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least all the accountants and consultants attending this year’s Sleeter Conference in Las Vegas.

    Our website does a good job explaining what Method is, but admittedly there isn’t much mention of who we are as a company, and why we embarked on this never-been-done-before mission of ours.  It makes no mention of our deep experience with QuickBooks integration, and our hands-on knowledge of the small to medium sized business market.  So, what better topic for the first Method Blog post than to tell you who we are and where we are going.

    Company background
    A long, long time ago, in far away land….well actually, back in Toronto in 1999, we founded our software company Alocet Incorporated.  We began by developing a product called “LM Software”, which was an industry-specific scheduling product for landscaping and lawn maintenance companies.  LM is still around today, but in 2001 it was quickly overtaken by our next generation product “QXpress”.  With QXpress we recognized two things:

    1. Nearly all of our users were also users of QuickBooks.  So rather than trying to get them to convert to the accounting system we had developed in LM, it was a far smarter idea to use QuickBooks for accounting, and QXpress for scheduling and invoicing – and have seamless integration between the two products.  Not just a cheesy QuickBooks “link”, but true QuickBooks connectivity that WOWed users.  This worked well.
    2. Also, we found that there were many industries similar to our original lawn maintenance and landscaping industries, and by making a few tweaks and increasing the flexibility, we could dramatically redefine the market of who could use our product. 

    So, QXpress took off.  There are over 2000 companies using QXpress daily.  However, as great as QXpress is, it is still a “boxed”, off-the-shelf product.  It is limited by the same restrictions that face ever other traditional industry-specific software product.  These restrictions really all focus around the previously unavoidable “90/10” rule.  Industry-specific software is built on the premise that all companies within an industry are the same.  When in reality, all companies are different in some way.  The 90/10 rule is: your company’s needs are 90% similar to your industry peers and 10% unique

    The idea for Method
    In spring 2006 we began brainstorming on how to solve the “90/10” rule.  The idea evolved over time to be something bigger than any of us here could have imagined. 
    When I say big, I really mean it.  Method will be able to tailor itself to any small and medium sized business, no matter what industry they are in, no matter how simple or complex their needs are.

    It solves problems not just for the end users, but also for the accountants and consultants who are charged with the task of recommending software to their clients.
    Also, in creating Method, we stumbled upon an even bigger realization.  We are not the only software company looking for a solution to the 90/10 rule!  Everyone is looking for that solution.  Therefore, why not open Method up to developers and let them take advantage of our research and development?  Our ambition for developers is to allow them to recreate their industry-specific program using Method in about a week – and get all the benefits of an AJAX-enabled, web-based app with the added bonus of real time QuickBooks synchronization.
    Method is a big deal.  We are excited and passionate about what we have created.  During the Method Beta period (November 2007 through April 2008) we trust that you’ll get excited too.
    Vegas, here we come.  Finally.
    Paul Jackson – Founder