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  • 3 steps to becoming a report guru

    For those of us who are ‘with the times’ for lack of better words – we have no problem viewing reporting information on our screens.  If we need to send a report to someone else to view, who perhaps can’t access our systems, we’ll send them a PDF file.  The nice thing is both these options are a ‘green way’ of thinking and why not save a few trees?  After all, we like thinking green.

    Now, we all have that “old school” manager, boss, owner, CEO that likes to have a ‘hard copy’ to look at.  They don’t want to click on a link, or view something on a screen or have it presented to them in any electronic format.  They like a piece of paper in their hands that they can read while sipping their 7:00am coffee or while on the train to their next meeting.

    Lucky for us, creating reports in Method is easy.  How easy?  Well, I’m going to show you in the movies I’ve posted below.  Best part is you can satisfy both the audiences I’ve mentioned above.  

    These movies go through creating a basic customer list report, adding some advanced features to the report and then displaying this report in a Method screen.  This report will give you a good foundation so you can create your own reports in Method.

    Just a heads up! - I'm assuming that you have already attempted to create a report on your computer before.  If you haven't attempted this already, you'll need to install the report designer first before viewing the movies below.  Usually this would be done from within the Method window for report objects.  However, I've cheated a little bit and given you the the direct link below to install it.  Wink 

    Creating a Customer List Report - Part 1

    I’ll take you through launching the Method Report Designer, creating a new report, adding fields and finally viewing the report. a Customer List Report - Part 1.htm

    Creating a Customer List Report - Part 2

    Here is where I’ll take it up a notch and add an additional table that will display invoice information.  I’ll add some groups and fields that belong to the newly added invoice table and make the report perform some totals. a Customer List Report - Part 2.htm

    Creating a Customer List Report - Part 3

    Saving the best for last!  Now that I’ve gone through creating the report, I’ll go through adding a new button to an existing screen and add some actions so that my customer list report can appear instantly by clicking a button! a Customer List Report - Part 3.htm

    Please send me your comments, suggestions, feedback etc.  Love it?  Make sure you let me know!  

    Big Smile

    Till next time folks!

    Danny Do Couto
    Method Integration