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  • User Spotlight: Mygazines

    Last week, I had the exciting opportunity to visit one of our local Method customers, Mygazines.  Mygazines is a digital publishing software-as-a-service provider that literally resides no more than a few blocks away from our office!  Over the past year, Mygazines has quadrupled its staff and Method has been one of the tools they’ve relied on for day-to-day activities during its growth.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Chief Marketing Officer, Randy Frisch, and Bookkeeper/CRM expert, Ian Chen (pictured below).

    Ian and Method

    Like Method, Mygazines is a web based company that offers innovative online services.  They are leaders in the digital publishing industry and you’ve probably stumbled across their products without even realizing it.  You know when you visit a website and view an online flyer, clicking to flip through the pages?  Well, that is one of the services provided by Mygazines, along with online brochures, catalogues, newspapers, documents, guides and the like.  This company makes producing, distributing and tracking content an easy task for publishers, professionals and corporations. 

    Mygazines has more in common with Method than simply being a SaaS company.  Customers can brand the Mygazines platform so that viewers see a branded image, not Mygazines’, when they browse their digital publication.  Similarly, as you can see in the following screenshot, Mygazines has branded Method to appear as an extension of the Mygazines platform.

    Branded Method Screen

    Like many Method users, Mygazines has a strong focus on productivity in the workplace.  Real-time synchronization between Method and QuickBooks has helped Mygazines to increase efficiency through the elimination of double entry.  This was especially important for Mygazines’ remote Sales Representatives working out of the US.  With Method, Reps can login and generate orders, update customer information, utilize the CRM tools, etc., with changes being reflected in Method and QuickBooks in real-time.  For the same reason, Method has also made it easier for staff to work from home.

    Mygazines has also customized some screens and templates to ensure no steps or information slips through the cracks (as you can see in the nicely branded screenshots).  The customization that Randy and Ian love the most would have to be their re-creation of the Products and Licenses Agreement (which is just like a Sales Order, but since they call them PLA’s instead of SO’s, they changed the name too!  Gotta love it!).

    Mygazines Sales Order Template

    Mygazines’ long-term vision with Method includes using the API to tie Method with their internal Mygazines system.  This will result in even less data entry and will further increase the efficiency in the sales and ordering process. 

    Thanks again to Mygazines for letting me pop by for a visit, and if you’re in the market for digital publishing, please reach out to Mygazines for more information on their services!

    Mygazines -; Toll-free: 1-888-694-2946             

    Have a great day,