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February 2008 - Posts

  • It’s almost time to get started…

    So like the title states, we’re almost ready to get started on our beta and couldn’t be more excited!  We feel that the changes made over the last couple months are well worth the wait and in the end, will make your experience more enjoyable.  

    Now to explain how things are going to work over the next few weeks.  Firstly, we aren’t going to follow the traditional model of beta periods, because we’re not so traditional after all Wink.  

    If you have contacted us and requested to be on the beta list, you’ll be receiving an invitation code from us in order to access your Method account.  Now before you receive this invitation code, we will arrange a 30 minute demo with, yours truly, over the internet of course.  

    So what’s the purpose of this demo?  Plain and simple, we want to make sure you have a chance to get started on the right foot, point you in the proper direction and answer some of your questions before getting your hands dirty.  Once we’re done, you can get started and provide us with your much needed feedback.  

    If you haven’t participated in a beta period, here are a few things to keep in mind, especially in the case of Method.  

    • Beta means beta.  What does that mean to you?  As much as we’ve tried our best to make Method as solid as possible, we expect there to be issues (bugs) and your feedback is going to make sure we get these issues resolved.  So it’s important that rather then get frustrated with something not working right away, let us know and we will work with you to get it resolved.  Can you think of a better way of designing something?  Great, we want to hear about it.  Communication is really the key to having a successful beta experience.
    • ‘Stage 1’ of beta will be just a “QuickBooks” template, which is basically an online version of your QuickBooks data, built using Method.  In ‘Stage 2’ of beta (likely in mid March), we’ll start introducing industry-specific templates, with ‘Field Service’ and ‘Software Company’ as the initial templates, along with a “Method CRM” template.  Additional industry templates will be posted gradually, over the course of the beta period.  Therefore, you won’t see all of the industry specific templates available right away.  However, as they get published, we will make an announcement of their availability.
    • Take full advantage of our help.  We want to make sure you use Method and tear it apart.  So if you have questions, ask!  Feedback, tell us! (good or bad of course).  As early adaptors of Method, your feedback and questions are crucial and we are here to help. 

    That’s it!  Get ready to hear from me soon and in the mean time, if you have questions, comments, concerns, feedback, let us know on the forum!  Talk to you soon Cool

    P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the beta yet, you can still do so by emailing us at

    Danny Do Couto
    Method Integration