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  • Method CRM for Intuit Anywhere - Now Released

    Connect to QuickBooksBack in June we blogged about Intuit announcing a new way of integrating with QuickBooks called Intuit Anywhere (“IA”).  Starting today, all new Method CRM for QuickBooks Online users will be using IA to connect to QuickBooks.  IA provides QuickBooks users a great new experience of connecting your favorite apps, like Method CRM, in one place.  Plus, you get a cool blue-dot in the top right corner of your screen when you login to Method directly showing all your App Center apps.  Told you it was cool! Cool

    So what are some of the benefits of IA?
    • Fewer steps to sign in.  Since you sign in from the normal Method login form, it is faster and less clumsy for your staff to sign in.  By the end of November, we’ll be using OpenID so that if you want to sign in directly from, you still can.
    • With Intuit Anywhere, your tokens don’t expire.  So your Method CRM account stays in sync with QuickBooks Online for all users without your administrator having to constantly sync.  Syncing happens automatically all day without any interaction by you.
    • Easier to invite new users.  Users don’t need to be registered on anymore, so there are fewer steps to get your team up and running.
    • No Intuit bar along the top of the screen.  Instead there is a non-intrusive blue-dot that only shows up for the administrator. In time, Intuit plans on making the blue dot available to all users based on the apps they have access to, but this is a few months out.
    We’re really excited to be one of the six developers to first work with IA.  In addition to this, I'd like to note how impressive it is to see how quickly the Intuit team is releasing new data to developers for QBO.  Check back on our blog and release notes for other regular updates.

    - Danny