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October 2010 - Posts

  • New CRM Feature: Web-to-lead forms unveiled at ISP Summit

    We're happy to announce that "Method Web Forms" are now in beta.  We unveiled this to Method Solution Providers at the Intuit Solution Provider Summit in Los Angeles last week.  I had the pleasure of demonstrating and getting early feedback from MSPs such as Herman Baptist and Joe Woodard.  Their eyes bulged.  Hearing "this is big!" and "game changer for CRM!" was music to my ears.

    What is a Web Form?

    A web form consists of simple HTML code that you copy and paste inside a page on your existing web site.  It collects information from your visitors and automatically enters it into Method. For example, a standard Web-To-Lead form enters a potential customer as a lead in Method, creates an opportunity, and a follow up activity - so you don't have to copy and paste them into Method, or hire a programmer to design a form using the MethodAPI.


    What took so long? Lots of CRMs have web forms!

    While it's true that other CRMs have web forms, I think they stink, and do not fit the customization mindset of a Method user.  Earlier this year we were looking to do something quick and dirty to allow someone to put up a simple "contact us" form on their websites.  We looked at the competition.  I won't mention any names but I found their web-to-lead forms weak and very limited.  In my Method mindset, I wanted not only to create a customer lead and a CRM opportunity, but also have control over automatic follow-up activities, choose which of my custom fields got inserted, and the ability to create automatic formulas to do things like calculate the QuickBooks "Name" field from "FirstName LastName" or "Company Name" if it was present.  I also wanted to configure automatic emails sent to the customer and to our staff internally.  Finally, I felt that web forms shouldn't be limited to just "web-to-leads" - it should be any table, for any purpose.  So, after meeting with Method_Manish and Method_Victor, we devised a massive web-form project that would leave Method users comfortably satisfied.  Method_Victor then set to work making all this happen.  He did a great job coding this.

    Basic Example

    Let's face it.  Most of you are going to want a standard web-to-lead form.  So it's important that this is super easy.

    1. Go to Customization > Integration Tools > Web Forms.

    2. Choose the Basic option, and click Next.
    3. Enter your website's URL, and click Next.  This is so that we can validate that your form is really coming from your site and not from some imposter.
    4. Just take the HTML code that it provides and copy it into the HEAD tag and BODY tag on your site.

    5. Test it out.  You'll see that the customer gets inserted automatically into Method, along with an Opportunity, Activity marking the date of the web form submission, and Follow-up Activity for your staff to contact the lead and work on closing the sale.


    Advanced Example

    1. Go to Customization > Integration Tools > Web Forms.
    2. Choose the Advanced option, and click Next.
    3. Follow the steps.  You'll see lots of options here for customizing the fields included, email templates and internal alerts.
    4. Don't get intimidated by Step 8. This is a summary of all the fields used by the form.  Most of them are not shown to the user, but they are needed to make sure there is smooth data entry into Method when the user presses "Submit".

    I think the setup has awesome potential for Method Solution Providers to provide to their Method clients as a service.  In talking to MSPs this past week, web-site integration with CRM is in high demand.

    Okay, I'm sold, but how much does it cost?

    It's FREE!!  You'll need Method CRM or Method Full Blown to use the web-to-lead form, but Remote Entry users can do custom web-forms on QuickBooks tables and fields.

    I think you are going to love what we did.  Make this your weekend project!



  • Method Partners with SmartVault!

    Good afternoon,

    Today SmartVault announced the availability of their Software Developers Kit (SDK) and we at Method are excited to announce that we will be utilizing this to partner with SmartVault!  SmartVault, the award-winning document management service, made the announcement at the Intuit Solution Provider Summit 2010.  We’re here at the Summit with SmartVault, and we’re very much looking forward to hearing what attendees have to say about the new partnership.

    Back in May at the Scaling New Heights Conference, there were many consultants, Pro Advisors and ISPs requesting such a partnership between Method and SmartVault.  Not only did conference attendees come to us to express the need and value of integration between Method and SmartVault, but they went so far as to create a petition!  That certainly showed us that the consultants were serious and that integration between the two products would be highly beneficial, so we took it to heart and are thrilled to tell you it is in the works.  Once we utilize the API, SmartVault capabilities will work within Method to store, view, and share files securely.  Needless to say, having SmartVault capabilities within Method is a very valuable feature and we hope you’re now looking forward to the release of this tool!

    To view SmartVault’s full press release, please click here.

    If you’re at the ISP Conference, please come by to say hello and ask any questions you might have about this new partnership!


  • Expenses driving you mad? Beta Now Starting for Method Expense Reports

    Method Expense Reports BetaNo matter how small or big a company is, one thing that is in common is that we all have expenses.  When it comes to the end of the month, don’t you love collecting all the receipts (if you can find them), writing them down on an expense report, calculating the totals and submitting them on time so you can get paid? Huh?  After all, it’s not as if we aren’t busy already. Tongue Tied  Or if you’re the one entering the report, don’t you get a thrill from manually creating the expenses in QuickBooks?  It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! Surprise (Note the sarcasm here).

    Fear not.  We have an awesome app created by an awesome developer (hehe… come on, I had to give myself a pat on the back) that solves for the expense report nightmare.  Method Expense Reports, which we are launching into a public beta starting today, is a free app available to all Method Full Blown users.  Yes, I said FREE!  This app makes entering expense reports easy and leverages the power of the Method Platform.  

    This bad boy comes loaded with features and also has roles pre-defined so you can get your staff up and running in no time.  It is the start of the month after all, so throw away the paper expense reports and use this app!

    I’ve also been broadcasting some hip new videos on YouTube to get you started on the right path.  You can view the video listing by clicking the link below.  I’ll also be adding more vidoes throughout the beta.  Got a topic you want me to cover?  Let your voice be heard and provide feedback.

    Click here to view the complete expense report video channel

    To get started with the beta and install the app, watch this video:

    During the beta, all questions should be directed to the beta forum which you can find by clicking below.

    Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep listening.

    - Danny