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Setting Automatic Reminders in Method CRM for QuickBooks

Hello and welcome to today's blog post.  My name is Adam (the guy in the green shirt).  As you can see, we here at Method like our donuts.  Phuong was kind enough to bring some in the other day.  Let's just say, they were delicious!

Ben, Phuong, Me and Jason having donuts!

Why did I bring this up?  Well, did you know that you can use Method to remind you about Activities, such as...getting donuts for the office?  If you create an activity to get those donuts, an Activity Reminder will send you an email or text message fifteen minutes before itís due great is that?

Enabling these Reminders is quite simple, but you will need access to the Customize tab.  From there you'll need to find the Tables/Fields tab link.  Once you are there, search for the Activity table and click Edit Table.  You should see this screen:

The last option on that screen is Automatic Reminders.  The default is to have Automatic Reminders disabled.  To enable them, just click the checkbox and you'll not only turn on your Reminders, but you'll also see a list of options for those reminders.

You will most likely prefer to keep the default settings, but this gives you the option to set up the Reminders just as you would prefer.  You can change the user the Reminder is sent to, the date on which the Reminder is sent, and which screen the Reminder will open to.  From here, you can also customize the Reminder email and SMS message that will be sent out.  Once youí're done, click Save and Close.

Now that you have turned on Reminders, you will also have to enable each User to receive Reminders.  Under Customize > Users, edit each user for whom you want to enable Reminders on Step 3 of the Edit Users wizard.  Your Users can also do this themselves by hovering over their username in the top right corner and selecting Notifications.  They will see the same option you see below:

Also note that only certain Activities Types cause reminders. You can edit your existing Activity Types to select which types will cause reminders.

Now that your Users and Activity Types are set up, you're all done.  You and your users will now get reminders for their activities.  So next time you're assigning work, whether it is an outgoing phone call, an email, a meeting, or a donut run, you'll now get a Reminder.  So there is no excuse to forget the donuts!

If you have any questions, you can post on our Forums for help, leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter.

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Until next time, take care!




mlongacre said:

Hi Adam - How does Method know what time zone to use to send the email reminder?  Is it using Greenwich Mean Time?


August 19, 2013 4:16 PM

Method_Adam said:

Hi Mary,

All of the times are converted.  So if you were to create an activity at 4:00pm Eastern time, if a user on the West Coast were to view the activity (assuming they've set their time zone on the computer to Pacific), it would read 1:00pm for them.

The activity reminder is set to the Due Date Start time.  So its always 15 minutes from that time, converted for whatever time zone they are in.  So 3:45pm in this example (or 12:45pm Pacific).


August 20, 2013 8:38 AM

Nebo said:

Hi Adam,

  Could this be changed into EST by default for all users? My company is using it as a standard since we have employees in 3 timezones. It is a drag for me to have to calculate back to EST since it is a company standard.

August 20, 2013 9:14 AM

Method_Adam said:

Hi Nebo,

Unfortunately, you can't set a standard time zone for the entire Method account.  When each user is logged into Method, the time is converted based on the time zone set on their computer.  I can bring this up with the team as a feature request.


August 20, 2013 9:29 AM