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Method’s on the road again…

Summer may be coming to an end but for the Method Team, things are really starting to heat up.  This fall the Method Team will be attending 2 big conferences.  

Our first stop will be Dallas, Texas where we are exhibiting at the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Conference from September 10 - 12.  This conference is tailored for novice to advanced users of QuickBooks Enterprise.  This will also be the official launch location for Method going out of beta and being available to the general public.  Big Smile

Next, we’re headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the 2008 Sleeter Group Conference running from November 10 – 13.   This conference is tailored to both accountants and consultants alike.   For those of you who don’t know, this will be our second year attending the Sleeter Group Conference and this year we will be a Gold Level Exhibitor.  Last year was when we officially launched our beta in Las Vegas, Nevada.  To read more on that, my blog post by clicking here

So if you happen to be in Dallas or Phoenix on these days, or attending any of these conferences, please stop by.  Say hello!  Perhaps share a coffee at the café CoffeeWink


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