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Method App Library – Now Open

Welcome to the Method Application LibraryI’ve never been one to spend time at the library.  No offence to anyone who does that for their past-time.Geeked  The library I’m about to talk about, I can handle.  I am thrilled to announce that the much anticipated launch of the Method App Library is finally here.  So why is this so exciting?  Well you’ll have to read on to find out of course. 

Picture the Method App Library being……well, a library, filled with specialized, industry-specific apps that are created by our team and 3rd Party Developers.  The idea is that eventually there will be an app that meets the fundamental needs of nearly every major market segment, all under one roof.  No need to go looking anywhere else when your business needs change or grow.  See now you know why I was so excited to tell you about this.

The Method Application Library is broken into 2 core areas:

Base Method Editions

Includes the Method Starter, Method CRM and Method Full Blown Edition.  Future editions to be released, in no specific order are:

  • Method Agriculture
  • Method Automotive
  • Method Construction
  • Method Education
  • Method Field Services
  • Method Healthcare
  • Method Manufacturing
  • Method Non-Profit
  • Method Professional Services
  • Method Property Management
  • Method Real Estate
  • Method Retail
  • Method Software Business
  • Method Studios
  • Method Wholesale/Distribution

Specialized Apps

These are industry apps that are tailored to very specialized needs.  These apps will be made up primarily of 3rd party developer apps.  You can choose to add 1 of these apps or several of these apps to your account and use them in conjunction with your existing apps. 

The “Learn More” link on each app provides a detailed overview of the app including pricing information.  You can also read up on reviews and ratings from current and previous users and contact get information for the developer.  Soon you’ll be able to see screen shots for each app, plus view movies to help make your decision a little easier. 

Worried about it being complicated to install an app?  Don’t be.  If you’ve ever talked to an iPhone user, you’ll know that installing an app is as easy as visiting the App Store and after hitting “Install”, the new app is installed.  I have an iPhone and have several non-computer-literate friends who own them and they all did it the first time. 

My Account inside your Method Account

Clicking the “My Account” link in your Method Account will bring you to a page similar to what you see in the Method App Library.  Simply click the “add this app now!” button and that’s it.  Your app is now installed.  Just as easy as installing your iPhone app, told you not to worry.

Stay tuned to our blog for news on new apps being released shortly! Smile

Danny Do Couto
Method Integration

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