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Method awarded as one of Joe Woodard’s Top 5 IDN for 2009

With today’s economy, businesses have to make difficult choices as to where they will spend their hard earned dollars.  For anyone who attended the Scaling New Heights Conference in Atlanta last week, I strongly feel it was money well spent.  This conference gave attendees a very unique opportunity to learn Intuit products, prepare for Intuit certification exams and interact with various ProAdvisors and Intuit Solution Providers.  If that wasn’t enough, attendees at the conference received hands-on training from some of the top trainers of Intuit products like Joe Woodard, Laura Madeira and Mario Nowogrodzki just to name a few!

I feel extremely privileged that Joe allowed me to join the Scaling New Heights team last week, seeing as only 2 IDN products were invited to the conference.  On Day 1, I led a class during the lunchtime break session, focusing on using Method for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  It was nice to see some familiar faces in a packed classroom.  If anyone is like me, my stomach starts to feel a little funny when doing training sessions or presentations, but this time, it was also because I didn’t have a chance to touch my lunch.  I was being pulled left, right and center by people wanting to have a few questions answered regarding Method.  The training session went off without a hitch and for many people in the room, this was their first exposure to this product called “Method”. 

This set the tone for the rest of the day on Monday, leading up to Tuesday when I helped Joe with presenting Method as one of his top 5 IDN (Intuit Developer Network) picks for 2009.  I focused my presentation on 10 problems that could be solved by using Method.  For anyone who is interested, Joe is offering a simulcast package with 5 of the classes that were at the Scaling New Heights Conference.  For more information, please visit

Scaling New Heights also marked the beginning of our Solution Providers Pilot Program which is going to help empower both Certified Consultants and Certified Account Managers with extensive Method product knowledge starting this week! 

This was Joe’s first conference and was a major success.  I look forward to attending Scaling New Heights 2010!  Nicely done Joe!

Danny Do Couto
Method Integration

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