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Method recognized by CPA Tech Advisor Innovation Awards

Yesterday was our first day exhibiting at the California Accounting and Business Show 2009 and we ended the day off with a bang!  Not only did we come face to face with CPAs, accountants, consultants and business executives who were ecstatic to learn about Method’s capabilities, but Method was recognized for being truly innovational to the tax and account profession.  How, you ask?...

At the post-show exhibitor reception, the CPA Technology Advisor announced the recipients of the 6th Annual Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards.  The awards recognize products and services that have been available for less than 2 years, which have made significant contributions of innovation to the profession.  The awards committee consisted of over 20 leaders in the profession, each voting for the product or service that they believed to be truly groundbreaking. 

cpa tech award

Method is a tool accountants and consultants use to sell more QuickBooks licenses and services to their clients – so we were so excited that CPA Tech Advisor recognized us for our innovative contribution to the profession.

award movie

Check out this video of the award ceremony to see Method acknowledged by the who’s who in the tax and accounting profession.  They think Method rocks and I couldn’t agree more!  We were all fighting to go up and accept the certificate, but Paul pulled the boss card and stole the spotlight as Danny and I watched with green eyes.

We will hang the certificate proudly in our office when we get back to Toronto.  In the meantime, we’re showing it off at our booth as we continue to spread the Method buzz, wowing accounting and business professionals here in Los Angeles at Day 2 of the California Accounting and Business Show. 

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