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Method CRM movies are finally here!

I’m sure many of you out there are happy to read this announcement about the arrival of Method CRM movies.  There will be 6 movies in total and I'll aim to post a new one each week, so if you haven't aleady, subscribe to our RSS feed so you know each time a new movie has be posted.

What is CRM? 

It’s “Customer Relationship Management” which is just a fancy name for what you already do every day in your business when you interact with customers.  Every successful business keeps track of what sales opportunities they have on the go, what customer problems need to be resolved, and what appointments and follow-ups they can’t forget about.  Whether you are keeping track of all this in your head, on a note pad, post-it notes, Outlook, or even in the “Notes” field for the customer in QuickBooks… everyone is doing some kind of CRM already.  What Method CRM does is just make everything way more streamlined and easier to manage.  And since Method CRM is synched real-time with your QuickBooks customers and transactions, and since it is tightly integrated with other Method apps, it just makes it the best CRM tool out there!!

Who should watch these movies?

If you are using Method Starter Edition, and want to see what you are missing – this is a great way to get a sneak peak.

If you are using Method Full Blown Edition, you might be sitting there wondering, “Do these movies still apply to me?”.  Yes they do!  Keep in mind that CRM is a base for all editions, including Method Full Blown Edition, Method Field Services and Method Warehouse. 

In other words – every Method user will benefit from watching these movies.

6-movie Method CRM series

As mentioned, I’ll aim to post a new movie every week, with each movie focusing on a particular feature in Method CRM.  The 6 movies will cover:

1. The Sales Center
2. The Call Center
3. The List Builder
4. Customer Portal
5. Real-time QuickBooks integration
6. Outlook integration

These movies will help you to understand the benefits of using Method CRM and clarify any questions you might have.  If you’re still uncertain about any features or how to utilize CRM functionality after viewing the series, please post your questions in the Method Forum so that they can be addressed appropriately.

Movie #1 – Sales Center

You’ll learn how to ensure no sales opportunity falls through the cracks, close more deals, track the success of marketing campaigns, and schedule follow-up appointments.

Without any further ado, here is CRM Movie #1 on the Sales Center:

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