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Method CRM Movie #2- the Call Center

It’s hard to believe a week has already passed since I posted the first CRM movie on the Sales Center.  Time sure flies...

I hope you’ve had a chance to view the first movie in the 6-movie CRM series, and in case you haven’t, you can click here to link to the Sales Center blog post. 

Like the Sales Center, it is essential to have a user-friendly Call Center that your employees are keen on using daily.  With the Method CRM Call Center, you can ensure that all customer contacts are documented and handled with care.

Movie #2 – Call Center

Method CRM makes it easy to resolve issues and reference customer history.  Learn how the Method CRM Call Center makes it simple to create, track and edit cases, activities and solutions. 

What is a call center “case”?

We’ve all had to call a customer service department at one point in our lives.  We call up, give them our contact information, and explain the problem we are experiencing.  The customer service staff then either gives us a solution, or escalates it to someone else who will provide the solution either right away, or they may have to call us back at a later time. 

But how do they track this on their end to make sure we don’t get forgotten?  They have call center software! As soon as a call comes in they create a “case” (aka a “ticket”).  The case is then assigned from staff member to staff member until a solution is provided.  At any point in time the call center managers can see a list of outstanding cases, who is working on them now, and who has worked on them in the past. 

What does this mean for you?  Well, with Method CRM, your customer service experience goes way up because customers never fall between the cracks and you have one central place to see the status on all outstanding issues. 

Problem + solution  = Happy customer = More money for you!

View CRM Movie #2 on the Call Center

After viewing the movie, if you have any unanswered questions about the Call Center features, please post your questions in the Method Forum so they can be addressed appropriately.  

Be sure to check back soon for movie #3 on the List Builder.

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