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Method wins Awesome QuickBooks Add-On Award 2010

Doug Sleeter presenting award to Danny Do Couto from The Method TeamBack in October ‘07, we were newbie’s to The Sleeter Group.  Having only heard about the Awesome Add-On award at that year’s conference, we were determined to win it.  Just a little over 2 years later, I was honored to accept this award on behalf of the Method Team in Orlando, FL.

The “Awesome Add-on for QuickBooks” award, presented by The Sleeter Group, recognizes a product that has superior integration with QuickBooks, overall design, outstanding features and conformance with appropriate accounting standards that make it an effective solution for many businesses.  Method hit each of those requirements and was one of only nine selected as an Awesome Add-on for 2010.  Needless to say, we were pretty proud when we heard about winning.  So what sort of criteria is considered when choosing a winner?

  • Shows superior design, implementation and features.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks using best practices of the QuickBooks SDK programming guidelines.
  • Uses appropriate transaction types and field population for recording data into QuickBooks so as to preserve and/or enhance the standard reporting features in QuickBooks.
  • Conforms to good accounting principles and operating standards.

This awards ceremony took place during the second day of the conference, but on Monday and Tuesday, I got a chance to show Sleeter Members the latest and greatest in Method. Wink  It felt awesome being able to see so many familiar faces in the audience.  What made me even more pumped and excited was seeing the light bulb go off for the new faces in the crowd.Idea  It made that knot in my stomach, which I get each time I present, all worth it (you laugh, but its true!).  My presentations tend to always be followed by questions starting with “Do you mean this...?” and “I can really do that...” and that’s when attendees start to get it and think of practical applications where Method can be used.

At our exhibitor booth, we were buzzing, talking to Sleeter members, new attendees, current Method users and current members of the Solution Providers team.  I reflected where we were at our first year at Sleeter.  Back then, when we were asked “What does your product do?” we would say “Anything you want it to do!”- Yikes!Tongue Tied  I cracked a joke about it during my presentation but it just goes to show how far we’ve come along.

So where are we going to be 2 years from now at Sleeter?  You’ll have to wait and see, but I can say that our team is growing, or motivation is high and we are ready to bring Method to the next level.  Watch out!  Big Smile  One last thing, don’t forget to sign up for our RSS Feed.  It’s the best was to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of Method.  Just click the following link to subscribe.

Danny Do Couto, Katie Riley and Paul Jackson holding our 2010 Awesome Add-On Award

Danny Do Couto, Katie Riley and Paul Jackson holding our Awesome Add-On Award 2010

Doug Sleeter, Danny Do Couto and the other Awsome Add-On Award Winners

Doug Sleeter, Danny Do Couto and the other Awsome Add-On Award Winners


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