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3 Easy Steps to Converting a QuickBooks Sales Order to a QuickBooks Invoice in Method:CRM


Method’s web based interface already allows you to create a QuickBooks Sales Order and have that Sales Order appear in QuickBooks real-time.  Slick, isn’t it?  What many QuickBooks users are accustomed to is the ability to convert a Sales Order into a QuickBooks Invoice.  

Now you might ask yourself, “What’s the big deal?  If QuickBooks can do it, why can’t Method?”

I get this question all the time and it really comes down to one thing.  Can the QuickBooks SDK support such a feature?  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t (more on that later).  Lucky for us, the SDK does support the ability for developers (like us) to take advantage of such a feature and we have now made this available to the Method Community. 

“Create Invoice” button on Sales Order Screen

Sales Order converted to an Invoice in Method

The Sales Order screen now has a “Create Invoice” button located at the very bottom of the screen.  Converting a Sales Order to an Invoice is simple.  In Method, click Customer Center > Sales Order and follow these steps: 

  1. Select an existing Sales Order from the left or create a new one.   

  2. Click Create Invoice.

  3. Each of the items from your Sales Order will appear.  Select the items you would like to appear on the Invoice by checking the checkbox and click Next.  The Invoice screen will appear, preloaded will all your customer information and include the items you selected.  Update the quantity you wish to charge, just like you would in QuickBooks, and click Save & New

That’s it!  

Your Invoice has now been created and your Sales Order has been updated accordingly.  So what if you didn’t Invoice all the items or quantity on your Sales Order?  Method acts the same way as QuickBooks, so those items will still be outstanding and waiting to be invoiced.  

Sales Order in Method showing the remaining quantity

Now, remember earlier when I was talking about the SDK and what we can and cannot do using the SDK?

Sometimes we get asked if we can covert other types of QuickBooks transactions, such as an Estimate to an Invoice.  Unfortunately, our hands are tied.  Intuit decides which features the SDK will support and if the features are not added to the SDK, no developer will be able to take advantage of such a feature.  For features that are supported by the SDK, we do our best to leverage these features in Method for the Method Community.  


Danny Do Couto
Method Chief Operating Officer


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