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CRM Activities on an iPhone

Last night I was enjoying the spring like temperatures here in Toronto and decided to take a stroll with a friend and meet up at a local hangout.  While there, I quickly looked at my iPhone to check my calendar and see how my Friday was looking.  What I loved was the fact that I could see all my scheduled activities, including phone calls and meetings for Friday that were synced from Method to Outlook and over to my iPhone.  It dawned on me at that exact moment that I had to share this with the Method Community.  

Method CRM Activities appearing on an iPhone

My iPhone is connected to our local Exchange box at the office so all my appointments from Outlook already get pushed onto my iPhone.  Now that I am using our new MOPI (Method Outlook Plug-In), my appointments from Method get brought over without me thinking twice about it.  Check this out:

Here is an appointment that I have in my Outlook calendar.  I’ve taken full advantage of categories so “Yellow” means it is “In Progress” and “Black” means “Meeting”.  

CRM Activity in Outlook

When I open up my calendar on my iPhone, I can see my Outlook appointment, including who the appointment is for and a contact number.  

Outlook appointment on iPhone

If I check out the appointment details, I can see all the goods on what this appointment is all about including comments, the priority and a number where Mr. Jackson can be reached.  

Appointment details displayed on iPhone

If I need to get a hold of him, all I need to do is select the number with my finger and it dials the number. 

Call Method activity from iPhone

Voila! How cool is that?!  Yes – I am an iPhone lover.  

Have a great weekend

Danny Do Couto
Method Integration

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