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New: Document Management in Method CRM

Opportunities, Cases and Solutions in Method CRM now all benefit from our new Document Management feature.  So why is this important to you?  I’ll tell you. Cool

Documents related to an Opportunity in Method CRM

The goal of any sales rep in an organization is simple – drive as many sales as he or she can.  As managers, owners and team leaders, our jobs are to provide our sales teams with the resources they need to do their jobs well.  Many times these key resources can be price sheets, sales presentations, proposal templates, press releases or even the latest marketing ad.  What tends to happen with these documents is that they are stored locally on the sales reps’ computers or, if you’re lucky, on a network drive.  This means if another employee needs access to this information, it isn’t easily accessible, meaning performance drops as well as sales.  

Document Management in Method CRM

The Document Management feature in Method allows you to upload all your documents into specific folders and relate these documents to Opportunities, Cases and Solutions within Method.  The folders help to organize the documents, helping to increase efficiency for your sales team.  This gives you a central location for all your documents.  How many times have you been asked “Can you please email me that Excel spreadsheet that...”?  Exactly!  

Document folders in Method CRM

More often than not, documents can be reused.  Here is a perfect example which I am sure you can all relate to.  A client comes up to your sales rep with a competitor’s brochure.  After entering the opportunity in Method, your sales rep attaches this to the opportunity so they can refer to it when trying to win the sale.  During your next sales meeting, your team collaborates on how to best deal with the competition and decides to write an internal solution to refer to, which includes how to handle the next client who presents the same brochure.  Normally you’d have 2 copies of this brochure but because this brochure is stored in Method’s Document Management, the brochure has already been uploaded by the sales rep and can be referred to by the writer of the solution.  Talk about a full circle solution.  Stick out tongue

Linking to existing documents in Method CRM

If you’re worried about storage space or prefer to store these documents on your web server, you can use external URL links to refer to your documents as well. 


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