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Actions and Objects Reference Guides – Now available

Actions and Objects are the meat and potatoes when looking at how any Method screen is built.  The new Actions and Objects Reference Guides provide you with:

  • A detailed description of each action/object
  • An example of where you would use the action/object
  • Steps for adding the action/object

This is the perfect accessory when designing any screen and aren’t too sure what a specific action or object is supposed to do, or how to implement it.  As more actions and objects are released, we will try our best to keep this document up to speed.  

You can view or print these documents by visiting our Self Service & Documentation section of the Method website.

Happy reading!




jnoneiliv1 said:

These guides are a great help.  If the Attachment object, is really an object, it would be nice to have some technical information about it in the Object Guide.  Like, how to view it, etc.  It doesn't appear to allow creation of Actions tied to it as an object, so it's a bit hard to tell how to use it.

November 6, 2010 1:49 PM