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Keep your friend’s close and your contacts closer!

As some of you may have already noticed the way contacts are initially added in Method has changed. Previously, when a customer was added through Method or QuickBooks, Method would create two entries in the Contacts tables for that customer.  One for ‘Contact' and the other for ‘Alt Contact' from QuickBooks.  This meant that for every customer entered there would be two contacts automatically added.

Now, if there is no ‘Alt Contact' Method just adds one contact in the Contacts table for the customer thus eliminating the ‘Alt Contact'. This makes the contacts list look a lot cleaner Big Smile. You will also notice an additional field in the Contacts table for ‘Alt Phone'. In many cases the ‘Alt Phone' is actually related to the main contact for example, a cell number or a home number. Each contact will now have a ‘Phone' and an ‘Alt Phone', the ‘Alt Phone' for the main contact will be the ‘Alt Phone' entered when the customer was created.  



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