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Staying informed with Method’s latest releases

This past May while participating in a session on Method at Scaling New Heights, someone asked if there was an easier way to stay up to date with all the updates that Method released.  I of course responded letting them know that the Method blog was the number one place since we publish all the latest and greatest platforms changes as blog entries.  In addition to this, there were the regular tweets to Twitter but this didn’t help those who weren’t on Twitter.  Plus, most people wanted to know every update, regardless of how big or small it was.  So……our new blog called “Release Notes” solves for this.  Creative name isn’t it? Stick out tongue

Release Notes is a blog dedicated to tracking all updates made to Method apps, including fixes, updates, and smaller feature additions.  As the Method Dev team makes these updates, they’ll post to this blog.  You can choose to check the website directly on a regular basis or if you’re using RSS feeds, just subscribe by clicking the link below.


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We’ll of course still be using the Method Blog as our primary source of news, articles, tips, tricks and major platforms releases.


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