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Let's welcome the Method Coach


At Method HQ, we've talked for some time now about having a "Method Coach" feature.  Most of the discussions start with big, bulging eyes and a "Wouldn't it be cool if..." declaration - but to be fair, being a tech company full of imagination, a lot of other conversations here start with "Wouldn't it be cool if..."!

The problem we were trying to solve: A brand new Method user signs up for a trial.  They sign in.  They see something they like.  But they can't use it because they haven't yet setup other users, or haven't configured their portal, etc.  In other words, they are trying to go to B without first going to A. This can be a frustrating initial experience, and sometimes causes new users not getting deep enough into Method before their trial period lapses. 

To solve this, our first option was to create a traditional tutorial manual where we would give everyone a generic set of steps to read and follow.  We shied away from that for a couple reasons.  First, we're finding the desire to read is becoming a rare commodity!  As the internet has evolved, we've all come to expect something more intuitive and intelligent.  Second, Method has multiple editions and apps, so users can have totally different environments from each other.  Based on how you use Method, the best tutorials are ones that recommend next steps based on who you are and what you do.

So.....wouldn't it be cool got a personalized "next step" notification emailed to you as you completed a certain key setup task?  

Enter the Method Coach concept.  

Method Coach Email

Starting today, administrators will now get periodic email notifications with a recommendation of something we think you should setup next, along with step-by-step instructions, and a report card of tasks you've successfully completed to date.

We think it's an interesting solution to a problem every software company faces - and we look forward to tweaking it as we get more feedback.

Let me know your thoughts by writing in the comments below.  Would this have helped you when you first got started with Method?





fran said:

Cool!  Fantastic implementation.  I had thought of adding a "your first 31 days of Method" with emails of next steps... but you have done it better. Fran

August 4, 2011 1:04 PM

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While studying at Queen's School of Business in 1999, Paul founded Alocet Incorporated, developing 'QXpress', which later became the top rated field service scheduling add-on for QuickBooks. Alocet Incorporated later went on to create Method Integration - an innovative small business management platform that allows users to create their own web apps for QuickBooks.