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New CRM Video Series: Customers

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Method blog! My name is Errol and today I want to tell you about my next video series: Customers!

Look! I'm pensive!

You know what was difficult? Explaining Contacts. Jason tells me that this is a common question: what is the difference between Customers and Contacts? I explained this in the second video of the series.

To make sure the series was easy to follow, the videos did go through a number of iterations. The Method team really helped me out with these, so I have them to thank. Huzzah for team effort! In the end, I think it’s satisfactory, but this is where you come in! You may have all sorts of questions and comments and I would like to hear them.

Would you like more clarification? Do you want more pictures or animations? Musical interludes?

Look, a split screen! Our special effects budget took a hit with this!

Anyway, we cover a few more topics other than Contacts in this video series. We discuss Tags, and Customers and Leads.

I do hope you find it helpful, and I will see see you again in a few weeks with hopefully more videos. Take care and have a great weekend! Bye bye!


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