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Intuit Reseller Rally: Method’s Adventure to Silicon Valley


For many, the start of a new year means resolutions to get fit, eat healthy, time with family...I could gon but will spare you. For some of us at Method, this new year kicks off a new round of annual conferences.
By now there’s a lot that is routine in attending conferences -- airport delays, long nights and early mornings -- while other parts are fresh, bold, and totally new, like the product features, innovations, announcements, and new faces. For 2014, Method decided to be fresh, BIG and bold!

Intuit Reseller Rally

Our first trip took us to beautiful San Francisco for the annual Intuit Reseller Rally, bringing together some of the top Intuit Resellers. Together with sponsors like Method:CRM, the event provides Intuit Resellers, many of whom are a part of Method Partner Program, with an opportunity to see the latest showcases and innovations in the marketplace.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity to interact with other Resellers to share their own best practices and to also learn from others to help their own clients to be more successful.


Silicon Valley - the Mecca of Innovation

During the trip, we made sure to stop in at the Intuit Headquarters, where we were greeted with apps (short for appetizers...not tech applications) and a small tour around the Innovation Center.  During the Intuit Gallery Tour, we were treated to demos of some pretty exciting technology - here are a few:

GoPayment by Intuit

For those small businesses that provide services on the road, Intuit’s GoPayment is a way to accept credit card payments on the spot. Instead of sending a customer an invoice for a product or service and then waiting days, or even weeks for payment, the GoPayment card reader and app allows you to either swipe, key-in, or snap a picture of a customer’s credit card and process the transaction immediately.  

To provide authorization for their credit card, the customer signs right within the app and receives a receipt of the transaction by text or email.  The transaction syncs up with QuickBooks and Intuit Point of Sale products, so everything is in the system before you even get back to the office. How cool is that?!      

SparksRent by Intuit

Intuit created SparksRent because handwritten, post-dated rent cheques are outdated and landlords need an alternative to chasing after payments.  This is how SparksRent works:

  • Landlords create a SparksRent account and add rental units, tenants’ info, and their own banking info to receive  payments

  • Each tenant will receive a welcome email from SparksRent where they are shown how to pay rent through the application and even set up automatic payments

  • Each tenant can see all their payments on their dashboard, which is an easy way to make sure you haven’t missed any

  • When a rent payment has been made, the landlord receives a notification email with the payment confirmation and can also view all tenant payments on his own dashboard.

A Quick Stop Off at Google

Before the start of the Intuit Reseller Rally, Paul and Danny left the Toronto winter weather behind for an extra day in Silicon Valley to meet up with an old friend, who not only works at Google HQ but who was kind enough to show the guys around.  I was told it was an amazing experience and that both Intuit and Google had pretty incredible offices and corporate cultures.  Here are some pics from outside the Google office and what Paul and Danny had to say.

Paul and Danny at Google HQ

“Google and Intuit are both highly innovative companies that have been very successful at building products that have won the hearts of both consumers and small businesses. I enjoyed getting a peek into their environments.  Key takeaway: Google has a better staff coffee policy!”

- Paul Jackson, Method CEO

Paul at Google HQ

“Visiting Google and Intuit's headquarters provided a sneak peak into what makes each of their workplaces unique. This was also a perfect time to do some self reflection into what makes Method's work environment unique and special. While we aren't there yet, if I were to sum up our workplace it would be a perfect blend of both companies cultures. Creative/playful (Google) and structured/organized (Intuit).”

- Danny, Method COO

Danny at Google HQ


(Danny forgot to mention that Method HQ also has a fantastic Friday afternoon beer policy!)

If you'd like to see all the pictures from our trip, follow us on Facebook and stay tuned!


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