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Update to Method's QuickBooks Desktop Sync Engine


Greetings Methoders!


The new version of our QuickBooks Desktop Sync Engine is now out of beta, and we wanted to give you the rundown about why an update was needed, what this means, and how to make sure you have an updated sync engine.


Why a new sync engine?
  • QuickBooks Desktop requires us to renew/update our QuickBooks application certificate every two years and we were due for an update.  

  • The certificate is needed for Method to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop via the Software Development Kit (SDK), and it identifies us as the creator of the Method Integration Engine (which we’re very proud of!)  

What this means, and why this is great for Method users
  • The new sync engine runs faster and lighter – it uses QBXML rather than QBFC, which means faster download and execution.

  • You’ll need to download a New Application Certificate, called “Method Integration Engine 2014 for use with QuickBooks”.  This will replace your original application certificate and allow you to take advantage of the improved functionality!

  • For example, in cases where generating a report takes a very long time, a separate web service will be leveraged to improve response time.  That means less report lag and improved performance!

  • The new functionality includes integration with QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory (which means you’ll have access to Lot numbers, Serial Numbers, and Locations).

  • It also features improved User Interface and integration with both QB 2013 and QB 2014 fields!


 What You Should Expect 

  • The main QuickBooks Administrator for your company needs to update the sync engine when prompted (since s/he is the only person with the authority to do so within the system).
  • The Method Sync Engine Certificate is like a permission slip that allows Method to access and mirror the information in your QuickBooks file.  Because our new Sync Engine Certificate has the new name “Method Integration Engine 2014 for use with QuickBooks”, QuickBooks sees it as a new application and needs you to permit Method access to sync.


 Steps to Update Your QuickBooks Desktop Sync Engine


  1. Login to QuickBooks Desktop as the Main Administrator in Single User-Mode. Other staff can remain on Method during this time and their work will sync over to QuickBooks once the certificate has been updated by the Main Admin.  If your staff need to be logged on to QuickBooks Desktop during the day, we recommend performing this update during after-hours so it does not interrupt their work day.
  1. When you’re logged in as Main Administrator, accept the update that pops up.

  1. Run a full Method:CRM sync so that all staff are operating within QuickBooks Desktop with updated changes.

  1. If you were on the beta of this engine, which was delivered via an installable .MSI file (rather than an automatic update), we encourage you to uninstall it and use the regular download from the QuickBooks tab.



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Method Community Support team - they’re always happy to help :)


Toll-free: 1.888.925.6238
Local and overseas: 1.416.847.0400


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