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Importing Multiple Contacts into Method:CRM [Tutorial Video]

Hello and Welcome to Method:CRM blog post by Errol!

You may remember back in January when Ben wrote a blog post about Importing Customers and Contacts into Method:CRM.
We decided that we would take that one step further and create a video for you!

However, in this video, we’ve made a slight change. We don’t cover how to import Customers, because we have a whole video series on Importing Customers and Customer Leads.

Instead, we talk about importing Contacts, and in particular, when you have more than one contact for a Customer!


Import all the Contacts!

And that’s it from me, which is surprising because you know how long I can talk for. However, if you are looking for more videos on how to use Method:CRM, remember to check out our Help Center where we have listed out all my videos. It spans for pages. That’s a lot of videos!


We sure have a lot of videos...

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

Bye Bye!

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Errol Elumir is the Product Education Specialist for Method CRM. He will do his best to provide clear and concise screencasts to help you understand Method. When not recording his voice for Method, he critiques Escape Rooms.