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Method Updates - July 14th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features / Updates

  • Sales Receipts - Updated advanced filter on the grid to be consistent with other transactions. (PL-41030)
  • Screenlet -New screenlet to keep track of active proposals. (PL-40625)


  • Tables & Fields - Fixed an issue where making a field required was giving an error even when every record in the table wasn't NULL. (PL-39818)
  • Editable Grids - Fixed an issue when clicking the "View selected records" link on a grid based on the EmailsSent table. (PL-38036)
  • Contacts - Fixed character length validation for the Entity field Name which was causing sync conflicts. (PL-41935)
  • Contacts (Mobile) - Fixed an issue where users were unable to add dashes and parentheses to the mobile/phone fields. (PL-41308)
  • Contacts - Fixed an issue where the Shipping info was displayed in the billing info column on the Companies grid. (PL-41124)
  • Items - Fixed an issue where users were unable to add multi-line descriptions for non-inventory items. (PL-41097)
  • Proposals - Fixed an issue with line item sequences changing on proposals while they're in the draft. (PL-41851)




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