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Method Updates - February 9th, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method


    • Sales Orders - Fixed an issue where monthly email limits were not being communicated when reached on a transaction email button. (PL-44984)
    • QuickBooks Desktop - Fixed an issue where Sales Receipt line items were causing the XML text Stream error on Sync Engine. (PL-45101)
    • Email Campaigns - Added usage limit error messaging. (PL-44852)
    • Charts - Fixed issue where correct colours were not showing for tags in drildown grids. (PL-44945)
    • Charts - Fixed an issue with how long numbers are being displayed. (PL-44948)
    • Xero - Fixed an issue where invoices were not syncing from Xero to Method account. (PL-45087)
    • Work Orders - Fixed an error caused when sending an email from a custom server. (PL-45176 )
    • Send Email - Added usage limit error handling. (PL-44853)
    • Sales Receipt Preferences - Fixed an issue where the print templates were not populating the dropdown. (PL-45158)




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