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Method Updates - April 4th, 2024

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Email Campaigns - Updated emails to be categorized as marketing. (PL-45019)
  • Reports - Updates to some of the stock app Reports screens to leverage the new chart drill-down functionality. (Activities, Invoices, Work Orders, Cases, Opportunities). (PL-45647)


  • Charts - Fixed an issue where some data was missing when relative filters were applied. (PL-45899)
  • Charts - Fixed an issue with pagination when viewing drilldown. (PL-45950)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where the Order Request emails sent from the portal would use the portal contact's email address as the From address, contrary to email best practices. (PL-46042)
  • Opportunities - Fixed an issue where the "Create" button was not appearing immediately after the initial save and required a browser refresh. (PL-45942)
  • Contacts - Fixed an issue when creating a new contact where the "sub-customer of" dropdown would not clear itself when switching which type of contact is being added. (PL-45912)




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