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What is a "Webinar"?

You're busy. So you are finding it hard to get enough time to sit down, and learn how to get the most out of Method. That's why you need a webinar! It's only 30 minutes long, and is the fastest way to learn about Method. 

A webinar is a web-based presentation to a group of attendees. Simply register for the webinar, receive a confirmation email with the link and login information, and click on the link to login at the time of the webinar. You'll see the presenter's screen, which is combined with audio, so you'll feel like the presentation is taking place right in front of you.

When are webinars held? How do I register to attend?

Webinar topics will be announced in the Method Blog, so subscribe to our RSS feed for email notification of new blog posts. Be sure to register as soon as each webinar blog entry is posted, as space will be limited in each session.  Future webinar dates will also be listed under the Live Webinars section of this page.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a way for you to get new website information without having to visit all of your sites. It is as if your favorite websites have you on a mailing list and send you an email saying, “just wanted to let you know that there is new content to checkout.” All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to subscribe. 

Click here to read a blog entry on the what, why and how of RSS feeds. 

To subscribe to the Method Blog’s RSS feed, click here.

Can’t make it to a live webinar?

There’s no need to worry. Method webinars are recorded, so if you can't make it, you can view them at your own convenience. To view recordings, simply scroll down to the “Webinar Recordings” section of this webpage, 

If you have any questions about the community webinars, please contact the Method team at 1-888-925-6238 ext. 1.

Webinar Recordings

YouTube friendly recordings

All of our most recent webinars are uploaded to YouTube.  

Older webinars

Some of the older webinars listed below will require that you install a GoToMeeting codec on your computer prior to watching a recording.  

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, right click on the link and click 'save as' to view past webinar recordings. 

If you are using Firefox or an older version of Internet Explorer, simply click on the links below to view the recordings. 

Note - If you have never watched a GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting recording on your computer before, you may need to install the following codec prior to watching the recording:

Live Webinars

No live webinars are currently scheduled.  Have a suggestion for a webinar?  Email

Recorded Webinars

Method CRM 2.0

 Overview of Method CRM - 57:35 min

An introduction into the new version of Method CRM 2.0.

 Leads and Customers - 33:58 min

Learn how leads and customers (and their contacts) are entered into Method CRM. We also go over important fields in the lead/customer forms and show how to easily find and manage your records.

 Activities Tab - 31:10 min

Learn about the Activities grid and how it can be used as a to-do list as well as a means to quickly query the activities table based on filters you can type in.  We'll also enter in new activities, use the “quick create” links to create activities, and show you how to make the most of the data displayed when viewing/editing an activity.

 Opportunities and Campaigns Tabs - 31:56 min

Learn how to create opportunities and effectively use them as a means to track your sales team's progress. We'll go over entering in new opportunities and creating activities for the opportunity all in one step.

 Cases and Solutions Tabs - 30:05 min

Learn how to search through existing cases and create new ones while having the ability to create a lead/customer/activity all in one step.

 Home Tab and Shared Lists - 31:07 min

Learn the significance of the info displayed in the home dashboard and how to create/maintain email templates. In addition, we'll also explain the concept of shared lists and show you how you can set data access permissions between each user in Method. 

 Roles and Reminders - 23:11 min

Learn how to use Roles to limit what users can see when they log into Method. If you want John Smith to only see Customers and Activities, we'll show you how to set that up. We'll also be going over the setup of SMS and email reminders for your activities. 

 Documents Tab - 1:01 hr

Learn how to use Documents and relate documents to QuickBooks transactions as well as CRM enteries.  You'll also learn about SmartVault and how it easily integrates with Method CRM. 

Google Gadget

Using the Google Gadget - 36:09 min

Learn how to view and add activities, follow-ups, cases, opportunities, documents and leads/contacts using the Method Google Gadget.

A to B Walkthroughs

A to B of the Vendor Center - GoToMeeting codec required

Creating a vendor, purchase order and receiving items

Converting Estimates to Sales Orders to Invoices - GoToMeeting codec required

Converting estimates to sales orders and then to invoices

Method Import / Export Tool - GoToMeeting codec required

Overview of the Import/Export Tool, Exporting from Method, Importing into Method

Outlook Plug-In, Portals and Web Forms

Method Outlook Plug-In 2.0 - GoToMeeting codec required

Outlook Plug-In 2.0

New Contacts Portal with Payment Gateway Integration - 19:03min

Using Contacts Portal to see an invoice and estimate, pay outstanding balance or selected invoices and submitting cases.

Web Forms - 15:36min

Capture leads through your website and automatically create new opportunities. 

Method Warehouse

Method Warehouse: Level 1 - GoToMeeting codec required

Creating bins, receiving items, assigning serial numbers

Method Warehouse: Level 2 - GoToMeeting codec required

MRP Calculator, locations

Method Field Services

Introduction to Method Field Services - GoToMeeting codec required

Creating work orders, job costing, time tracking, overview

Method Field Services: Level 2 - GoToMeeting codec required

Work orders, job costings, equipment

Recurring Work Orders and Activities - 25:52min - GoToMeeting codec required

Recurring work orders and activities

Method Expense Reports

Introduction to Method Expense Reports - 24:07min

Learn how to create, submit and approve expense reports

Method Professional Services

Introduction to Method Professional Services - 33:11min

Need to track time and easily convert that time into a QuickBooks Invoice?  Learn about the new Method Professional Services app.


Getting started with Tables and Fields - GoToMeeting codec required

What is a table, standard tables and custom tables, viewing and creating tables, fields

Introduction to the Customization Screen - GoToMeeting codec required

Adding and copying screens, sections, fields, objects, advanced screen properties

Introduction to Actions - Level 1 - GoToMeeting codec required

 Actions including: save all sections, refresh grid, show message, events (button click, gain focus, lost focus, text change)

Introduction to Actions - Level 2 - GoToMeeting codec required

Actions including: clear screen for new entry, go to field, go to screen, export to Excel, export to PDF, generate report

Advanced Actions: Looping and Conditional Statements - GoToMeeting codec required

Actions including: loop through table, send email, conditional statements

Introduction to Method Objects - Level 1 - GoToMeeting codec required

Objects including: grids, attachments, radio buttons, check-boxes

Introduction to Method Objects - Level 2 - GoToMeeting codec required

Objects including: calendar, date and time picker

Advanced Actions: Shared Results and Basic Math - GoToMeeting codec required

Actions including: Hide/Show Section, Insert Records into Table, Set Active Record ID for Screen, Basic Math, Assign Value to Shared Results, Get Value from Shared Results, Go to tab link, Retrieve Value from Screen 

SQL and Retrieve Value From Screen Scripts - 36:02min - GoToMeeting codec required

Advanced scripts in grids and Retrieve Value from Table using SQL

Method Report Designer

Introduction to Designing Reports: Level 1 - GoToMeeting codec required

 Creating a basic report, group header/footer, detailed reports, basic calculations, generating reports

Introduction to Designing Reports: Level 2 - GoToMeeting codec required

Layout, sorting, grouping

Tips and Tricks for Designing Reports - 26:08min - GoToMeeting codec required

Adding your company logo, changing object colors, tips on detail reports, using the cross band box, adding calculating fields, currency formatting


Method Troubleshooting 101 - GoToMeeting codec required

Installation, FAQ

Method Mobile

Introduction to Method Mobile - GoToMeeting codec required

Supported mobile devices, customization tips & tricks for mobile devices


Community Webinar 33: Scenario - Editing the Invoice Screen - 43:38min - GoToMeeting codec required

Editing an invoice to include commission, a duplicate button and selecting alternate billing information

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