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Method Expense Reports for QuickBooks – Video Channel

The videos listed below cover various topics on the Method Expense Report app.  All videos are uploaded to YouTube so you have the ability to view these videos on any platform without installing codecs.  Simply play and view!

If you’re interested in staying “tuned in” to more of Method’s videos, simply click “Subscribe” at the top of the YouTube video player after watching a video.  Now you’ll always be informed of the latest and greatest videos that are available.

Getting started and setup

Getting started with Method Expense Reports - 5:00min

Learn how to install Method Expense Reports into your Method account from the Method Application Library.

Payment Methods - 5:21min

Learn how to create various Payment Methods within Method Expense Reports such as Cash, Credit Cards (Personal and Company), Vehicle (Personal and Company).

Category Types - 4:10min

Learn how to create Category Types in Method Expense Reports.  First example is creating a type for stamp expenses and the second is for a $.15 company policy for travel.

Employee and Vendor Videos

Using Method Expense Reports as an Employee or Vendor - 4:25min

As an employee or vendor, learn how to enter expenses and create an expense report using Method Expense Reports.

Manager Videos

Using Method Expense Reports as a Manager - 1:58min

Learn how to approve or reject expense reports submitted by employees or managers.  Once approved, these expense reports will be ready to send over to QuickBooks using Method Integration.

Administrator and Accounting Videos

Using Method Expense Reports as an Admin or Accountant - 3:22min

As an admin or accounting user, learn how to process expense reports and send them over to QuickBooks in real-time using Method Expense Reports.



kjculbertson said:

If a user is set up for transaction type "Bill" where do you enter the vendor information so the transaction will go to QuickBooks?  On the process screen it has you select the accounts payable account, but not the vendor.  I get an error that it needs the vendor information.  

July 13, 2011 4:42 PM