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June 2012 - Posts

  • Method Platform Updates - June 24, 2012

    Updated Method Integration Engine for QuickBooks Desktop

    The following updates are now available on the version 1.0.206 of the Method Integration Engine.

    • Improvement to customer-level custom fields on transactions - Previously, if a QuickBooks customer-level custom field was entered on a transaction in Method, it would sync successfully to QuickBooks. However, due to recent changes in QuickBooks, the value entered in the custom field was only synced if the customer did not have a default entry in their customer custom field. If the customer had a default value in the custom field it would win. Version 1.0.206 introduces an update that ensures that the custom field entered on a transaction in Method always goes to QuickBooks.
    • Blue icons! -  we're phasing out the brown, and it was the Method Integration Engine's turn. You'll see the Method Integration Engine's icon is now blue.


  • Method Platform Updates - June 13, 2012

    "June" version now available

    The following updates are now available on the staging site.  You can access the June version by clicking "Switch to the June version" when you sign into Method.

    Note: the "May" version never made it live, as we held it back in order to make improvements to the new health-check feature, based on feedback we received. Therefore, the only versions available now are the April version and the June version.

    • All features from the May version - See the May version release notes
    • Resolve conflicts - you can now mass remove all “DeleteFromDesktop” conflicts with a single click with a new "Show Advanced Options" button.
    • Bulk user creation - Under Customize > Users, you now have two options for creating new users. As was available before, you can manually create a single user. But now you can also choose to do a bulk creation of users in Method based on the employees in your QuickBooks file. A couple clicks and your entire team can be using Method!
    • Force password change – Administrators can now edit users and force them to create a new password next time they sign in.
    • Hiding inactive users - The list of users under Customize > Users now hides inactive users. You can show them temporarily by clicking “Show inactive users”.
    • Showing default franchise per user - Customize > Users now displays the franchise the user is assigned to, in the case of a multi-tenant database.
    • Longer user names - users can now have User Names that are up to 1000 characters in length, in case you want your user names to be email addresses.
    • Retrieve Password changes – Clicking Retrieve Password from the login screen now creates a new temporary password which the user must change next time they sign in, rather than emailing the original password.
    • Checkbox labels are now clickable - Previously to click a checkbox you'd have to click directly in the square box instead of the label of the checkbox.
    • Google OpenID – new users can use their Google OpenID to sign up for a new account, without having to go through the normal sign up process. This is needed to bring our Gmail Gadget live on the Google Solutions Marketplace.
    • Fix: field names now show again when editing a field in the designer, as well as just the caption. A recent update caused this to stop working the way it used to.
    • Fix: HTML Editor in 'HTML view' now takes up room as a percentage of the window height, rather than a fixed height. Previously, buttons would fall out of view on small monitors.
    • Fix: When dates are changed using the date picker, it doesn’t lose focus.
    • Fix: Customize > My Account now shows the developer contact information of the app developer. On the April version this stopped working.



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