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November 2015 - Posts

  • Method:Classic Updates - Nov 26, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

    Platform Updates

    • Updated purchase order line item logic so that subtotal line items do not receive a quantity by default. This resulted in QB conflicts in the past. (Ticket AS-1410)

    • Fixed nested looping so that inner loops can process more than 500 records (Ticket AS-1040)

    • Fixed issue to allow the VendorType field to be added as a linked field to the Purchase Order table (Ticket AS-1412)

    QuickBooks Desktop Sync

    • We now correctly un-archive contact records when entity records are un-archived (Ticket AS-1424)

    • Corrected QBD item syncing so that Quantity on Hand, Quantity on SO, and Quantity on Order are re-populated on full sync (Ticket AS-1389)

    • Improved error handling when syncing QBD transactions within closed or divided date periods (Ticket AS-1368)

    • Improved syncing of Unit of Measure records to prevent unnecessary QB conflicts in Method (Ticket AS-1205)

    QuickBooks Online Sync

    • Corrected issue preventing QBO Global transactions from syncing (Ticket AS-1457)

    • QBO Sync so that custom fields are not blanked out when making a customer inactive (Ticket AS-1316)

    • Improved sync logging in order to identify potential causes for QBO time out (Ticket AS-1387)

    • Corrected issue with syncing tax codes which caused QBO sync to abort (Ticket AS-1386)

    • Updated help articles links within QB conflicts section to point users to new documentation (Ticket AS-1317)

    Google Calendar Background Sync

    • Logging for Google calendar background sync and disconnecting of inactive users (Ticket AS-1423)

    • Authentication for Google calendar to decrease number of errors (Ticket AS-1375)

    Import / Export

    • Fixed broken help article link in the Import / Export tool (Ticket AS-1443)

    Web Forms

    • Fixed issue with the Tenant ID field as well as web form authorization which prevented web forms from functioning correctly (Ticket AS-1460)



  • Method Updates - Nov 18, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method. 

    • Newly installed apps now immediately show on dashboard. (Ticket PL-2455)
    • Addressed various issues causing app and app pack installation/updates to fail. (Tickets AS-1428, AS-1401, AS-1373)
    • NULL values are now included when using "Not Equals" comparision in criteria builder. (Tickets AS-1337)
    • "Subscribe Now" link now takes user into subscription portal. (Ticket AS-1470)



  • Method:Classic Updates - Nov 12, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method. 

    • Method Web-To-Lead forms to ensure they send email using correct port settings (Ticket AS-1241)
    • Method's Sync Engine to use a 'Long' data type for storing QBO RealmIds.  RealmIds are the unique numbers used by Intuit to identify a QuickBooks Company.  By switching to the Long data type, we have ensured Method will continue to work for the future, much larger RealmIds genereated by Intuit! (Ticket AS-1437) 



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