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April 2017 - Posts

  • Method Updates - April 27th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Method Sync Engine Updated to v2.0.0.21 with the following changes:

      Improved how the Method Sync Engine logs errors, making it easier to diagnose and resolve sync issues (PL-9776)

  • Method Updates - April 26th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added the ability to bold captions on HTMLEditor object in Designer (PL-10410)

    • Increased the limits of file uploader/image uploader attachments from 5mb to 25mb (PL-10844/PL-10853)

    • Added the ability to disable sections using the enable/disable action in Action Editor (PL-10744)

    • Renamed DeleteFromDesktop conflicts to Missing from QuickBooks and implemented a system for resolving Missing from QuickBooks conflicts (PL-10197)

    • Added HTTPS support for MIURL.CC links (PL-10513)

    • Fixed app ribbons to be be refreshed when changing a screen’s active record ID (PL-10852)

    • Fixed the TagList control to be refreshed when changing a screen’s active record ID (PL-11062)

    • Fixed issue preventing the TagList field from being updated using actions (PL-10973)

    • Fixed issue with copy screen which set Live versions to be editable (PL-11081)

    • Fixed issue with comparison of date fields not returning the correct result when using greater than or less than (PL-10728)

    • Fixed issue preventing designer preview not working for live versions (PL-10805)

    • Fixed issue with images not displaying with the correct alignment correctly on Public Pages (PL-10832)

    • Fixed issue where creating a new activity from Opportunity App Ribbon did not populate contact information (PL-11127)

    • Fixed issue where follow-up activities for cases were not correctly linked for some users (PL-11163)

    • Fixed issue where creating an Item without an expense account would generate an error (PL-11129)

    • Fixed issue where some users were able to modify the rate of “Bundle” items in QBO (PL-10890)

    • Fixed issue where the user signed in was being BCC’d on notification emails from the opportunities app (PL-11128)

    • Fixed issue where some users were able to see the Assigned To field in the Contacts app when connected to QBD (PL-10110)

    • Fixed issue where the number of payments in the app ribbon did not match other apps (PL-11149)

    • Fixed issue that may have caused errors when trying to load Preferences screens. (PL-9882)

    • Fixed issue where subscribed users were being asked to resubscribe when account on hold. (PL-10906)

    • Fixed an issue in the iOS app that allowed users to connect to non-production environments (PL-11035)

    • Improved conflict messaging when a record is locked in QuickBooks (PL-9721)

    • Improved the conflict details page to conform with Method’s design styles (PL-10196)

    • Improved the warning message when resetting a QB file to sync with, providing a clear explanation of when this feature should be used (PL-9949)
  • Method Updates - April 12th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Added ability to delete archived versions of Method screens  (PL-9416)

    • Updated the Activities App to have a fresh look when creating activities (PL-9873)

    • Enhanced the Call Web Service action to support additional HTTP methods such as Get, Post, Put and Delete. (PL-10606)

    • Added ability to make archived versions live (PL-10541)

    • Added the ability to manage delete rights on all apps (PL-10757)


    • Fixed issue causing some file attachments to be removed when save is called twice in an action set (PL-10737) Note: This issue only affects attachments uploaded using the legacy file uploader control.
    • Fixed issue preventing some QBO users from selecting the ‘My Contacts’ view on the Contact List screen (PL-10739)

    • Fixed issue preventing some QBO users from being able to add contacts to campaigns in the Email Campaign app (PL-10738)

    • Fixed issue causing default values on dropdowns to be populated on existing records in cases where a value had not been previously selected (PL-10712)

    • Fixed issue with looping through grids not respecting advanced search parameters (PL-10749)

    • Fixed issue preventing linked image columns to be displayed in grids (PL-10462)

    • Fixed issue preventing the current username to be defaulted on drop downs after a clear screen had been called (PL-9616)

    • Fixed issue causing duplicate snapshots to be visible within Manage Apps (PL-10173)

    • Fixed issue with Go To Screen action displaying the Contacts app as Entity (PL-10707)

    • Fixed issue preventing icon orientation from displaying correctly on runtime screens (PL-10742)

    • Fixed issue preventing newly created table fields to be displayed in Action Editor (PL-9767)

    • Fixed issue with screen copy to ensure all live accounting type versions are copied (PL-10820)

    • Fixed issue with Payments Apps where the “Auto-Apply” flag was not set to checked by default (PL-10757)

    • Fixed issue with Case URL generation causing an error when no email has been specified for a Contact (PL-10812)

    • Fixed issue where portal link was not visible to some users on the Edit Case screen (PL-10813)

    • Fixed issue where all accounts were being shown in the “Deposit To Account” field in the Sales Receipts and Payments Apps (PL-10814)

    • Fixed Cases Created Date Header not visible to all users (PL-10819)

    • Fixed Issue where Lead Sources could not be managed on the Contacts App (PL-10810)

    • Fixed Issue where Payment Gateways required users to specify a two digit country code on Donor Pages (PL-10897)

    • Fixed issue on Payments App where Clear and New was not hiding all objects on screen (PL-10826)

    • Fixed issue where rate could be modified in QBO for Item Bundles (PL-10890)

    • Fixed issue on the Invoices App where Clear and New was hiding the Assigned To Field (PL-10907)

    • Fixed issue on the Invoices and Sales Orders App where removing Bill Address 1 created a Runtime Binding Error (PL-10920)

    • Fixed issue where Inventory Items were not allow users to set a start date for QBO (PL-4825)

    • Fixed an issue causing the export to MailChimp (Method Classic) feature to timeout when exporting a very large list (PL-10391)

    • Fixed an issue preventing roaming (for RightNetworks users) from being activated on multi tenant accounts (PL-10628)

    • Fixed an issue preventing payments from syncing when created via the API and the IsAutoApply flag was not specified (PL-10694)

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