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September 2016 - Posts

  • Method Updates - Wednesday September 28, 2016

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Quick Invite: Add new users from the assigned to drop down within apps. (PL-6272)


    • User permissions not updating after being changed. (PL-7420)
    • Users getting stuck on a white screen after signup. (PL-7112,PL-7184)
    • Notification email missing on signup. (PL-7428)
    • Fixed an issue causing some MailChimp exports to fail (PL-6996, PL-7119)
    • Fixed an issue preventing the status field from syncing for QBO purchase orders on some accounts (PL-7249)
    • Fixed an issue preventing some accounts from installing the Purchase Order app (PL-7412)
    • Fixed an issue preventing some accounts from updating the Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices apps (PL-7383)
    • Unable to perform advanced search for tags on grids (PL-7188)
    • Issue with sending email attachments of type txt, rtf, svg, bmp, csv (PL-7185)
    • Remove extra spacing on grids having footers / headers (PL-7261)
    • Payment Processing action not saving configuration correctly when using the payment widget (PL-7325)
    • Grids not displaying pagination not showing all records correctly (PL-7331)
    • Added missing “Have you moved?” page. (PL-7278)


  • Method Updates - Thursday September 15, 2016

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Implement UI for Authorization Code management (PL-6156)


    • No longer send start/end times to QBO for time activities due to QBO time zone bug (PL-6994, PL-6860)
    • Fixed a bug that was sending the incorrect markup info to QBO for bills (PL-6643)
    • Fixed rounding issues for sales orders, charges, credit memos, estimates, invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders, bills, checks, credit card charges, credit card credits, item receipts and vendor credits (PL-6995, PL-6855)
    • Gmail Gadget gets stuck at “searching for contacts” for some users (PL-6957)
    • Group sales tax calculations incorrect for QBO (PL-6974)
    • Method doesn’t generate PO numbers for QBO (PL-7008)
    • Remove above grid padding when view selector or search bar is hidden (PL-6988)
    • Set View Filter not copying correctly when placed in screen load actions (PL-6898)
    • Drop downs not searching % character (PL-7057)
    • Cannot retrieve sum from transactions table (PL-7056)
    • Value From Loop not available when placed in conditional statements (PL-6871)
    • Error loading newly created preferences (PL-7108)
    • Duplicate password validation errors on account signup. (PL-6928)


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