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June 2017 - Posts

  • Method Updates - June 14th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added contextual help articles in product (PL-11314)

    • Added button menus - App developers can now reduce clutter of runtime screens by placing lesser used operations into a button menu (PL-11799)  

    • Updated the style of buttons within Method, softening edges and decreasing the overall width and height (PL-11799)

    • Updated the style of Show Message, softening edges and decreasing the overall width and height of the prompt (PL-11797)

    • Added ability to add attachments to record IDs using a Method action (PL-11790)

    • Added ability to change the display color of tags in Method.  Choose from up to 8 colours (PL-11833)


    • Removed Intuit Blue Dot widget from Method Classic, a feature which is being deprecated by QuickBooks (PL-11662)

    • Fixed issue with authorizing Quickbooks where clicking “No Thanks” caused an error (PL-11125)

    • Fixed issue preventing multi-tenancy session variables from being displayed (PL-11698)

    • Fixed issue preventing the Account Name session variable from working in multi-tenancy accounts (PL-11737)  

    • Fixed issue preventing chart point click actions from being accessible (PL-11741)

    • Fixed issue preventing Insert Values Into Table action from working when using null values (PL-11560)

    • Fixed issue preventing screen security settings from being included in the screen copy process (PL-11172)

    • Fixed issue preventing the copy screen version prompt from being displayed when viewing an archived screen version (PL-11136)

    • Fixed issue with the format date function which caused an error to be produced when formatting an empty value (PL-10830)

    • Fixed issue in Manage Apps preventing the last modified date to be displayed correctly (PL-10497)

    • Fixed issue with controls (tag list, bound images, datetime picker) not displaying in a disabled state (PL-11155)

    • Fixed issue with Check Permission Action not displaying search results correctly in app name drop down (PL-11780)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from using Google singin on Method's mobile app (PL-11964)

    • Fixed issue with estimate subtotals being incorrect in cases where items were not synced to Method (PL-11788)

    • Fixed issue with Bill Line item custom fields being reset by QBO sync. (PL-11695)


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