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September 2017 - Posts

  • Method Updates - Sept 27th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Fixed an issue enabling sync with Google Calendar for the first time  (PL-13241)

    • Fixed the alignment of the Check box column within Grids (PL-13483)

    • Fixed an issue preventing the Refresh Control checkbox from functioning correctly (PL-13531)

    • Fixed an issue for Invoices for QuickBooks Desktop where IsRatePercent was not calculating correctly on the line item level (PL-13496)

    • Fixed an issue with Sales Orders when using IsRatePercent (PL-13495)

    • Fixed an issue preventing redirect screens from functioning when copying a screen (PL-13492)

    • Fixed an issue with importing files that have lots of blank columns causing imports to fail. (PL-13424)

    • Fixed an issue with imported customer/leads not showing phone numbers. (PL-13123)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid Advanced Search, where error was being displayed if a decimal field was included (PL-12622)

    • Fixed an issue to re-enable DateTimer picker colors (PL-12990)

    • Fixed an issue to enable empty decimal fields comparing to ‘Is Empty’ (PL-13156)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid views, fixing the correct saving of ‘Any and All’ selection criteria grouping on grid view filters (PL-13049)

    • Fixed an issue for Null or Empty comparisons (PL-13436)

    • Fixed an issue handling errors when Credit Card Number is provided but other required Credit Card fields are not included when attempting to sync Sales Receipts (PL-13690)

    • Fixed an issue saving Method custom fields in PurchaseOrderLine table (PL-13508)

    • Fixed issues ( ‘QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.’) when attempting to sync Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop (PL-13507, PL-13509)

    • Fixed an issue blanking out QuickBooks Desktop Custom Fields in Method (PL-13475)

    • Fixed an issue with the default value for field ‘Auto Apply Payments’ (PL-10773)



  • Method Updates - Sept 6th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • UX Improvements - Button menu navigation (nested workflows) has been improved (PL-12660)

    • Improved toast notification style and integrated download options when option to download a data table of information has been selected (PL-12742)
    • Checkbox and Radiobutton styles have been updated for look and improved UX (PL-12568)

    • Field Validation for Decimals, Money and Integer type fields have been added (PL-12908)


    • Fixed an issue with Grid Sorting (PL-13138)

    • Fixed an issue with App Ribbon sorting (PL-13141)

    • Fixed a display issue in Firefox (PL-13139)

    • Fixed access issues related with deleted versions of applications (PL-13331)

    • Fixed the screen title within Manage App displaying the wrong last modified information (PL-13184)

    • Fixed a performance issue related to larger image sizes uploaded to a grid (PL-12629)

    • Fixed an issue double linking user fields from the customer table down to a transaction line table (PL-12601)

    • Fixed an issue with radio buttons becoming disabled on selection of an option (PL-8015)

    • Fixed an issue with Payments on Invoices not being updated in a timely manor (PL-11693)

    • Fixed an issue when connecting to MailChimp (PL-13148)

    • Fixed an issue with MailChimp integration and custom Contacts List screen (PL-12916)

    • Fixed issue with importing into dropdown type fields. (PL-12961)

    • Fixed issue where importing was not showing warning about records with conflicts. (PL-12839)

    • Fixed issue with importing blanks into DateTime fields. (PL-12837)

    • Fixed issue where some users were getting screen access permissions after screen has been customized. (PL-9769)



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