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March 2013 - Posts

  • Method CRM Updates - March 27, 2013

    The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

    • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop

    • QBO = QuickBooks Online


    • Fixed (#4237) - when attempting to click on the More actions > Choose email template button, the template preference screen was not being loaded. This now points to the correct screen. (QBD & QBO)


    Big Smile

  • Method Platform Updates - March 19, 2013

    "March" version now available

    The following updates are available on the staging site, as of March 19th.  You can access the March version by clicking "Switch to the March Version" when you sign into Method.

    • Improvement: Users can now assign a picture/file field to an action result and send it as an attachment in an email.
    • Improvement: ListBuilder now supports Tags (already hotfixed).
    • Improvement: give an informative message when users are trying to load an unsaved report.
    • Improvement: you can now specify a default ProductID for ElectraCash in the Payment Gateways window.
    • Fix: IsPrintItemsInGroup field taken into consideration when printing reports.
    • Fix: copying a stock screen, that was already copied, replace all tablinks was not working for popups.
    • Fix: added a list of customized screens to “which screens make up this app”, under My Account.
    • Fix: step 5 of the contacts portal wizard could not be edited in Firefox.
    • Fix: IE10 on Windows 8 had issues opening the designer (already hotfixed).
    • Fix: issue with ‘assign user to a franchisee’ not always appearing.
    • Fix: custom occurrences now load without throwing an error when the series is deleted, if you click the edit series link.
    • Fix: for callanotheractionset, when event names have numbers in them.
    • Fix: comma split issue was causing items with a comma in them to be broken into entries in dropdown wizard add items.
    • Fix: dropdown field to create a new table wasn’t checking if name of the new table/field was in use.
    • Fix: when authenticating the Google Gadget, if you used the email address instead of the user name, it didn't work.
    • Fix: Hidden: invisible when screen first loads was not working for radioboxes.
    • Fix: textboxes with default values would break if they had quote character.
    • Fix: portal title was showing main franchisor, instead of franchisee company name.
    • Fix: users could change the screen name to an existing screen name in the designer. Moved the screen name editing ability to the advanced screen options.



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