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  • Method: Classic Updates - Oct 30, 2014

    The following updates are now live for all Method users as of October 30, 2014. 

    The following updates are now live, as of Oct 30th.

    • Fix - Contact info not saved when editing contact in some situations.
    • Fix - Tax Groups not calculation edge cases in Quickbooks Desktop.
    • Fix - Saving transactions without a tax code affecting specific accounts.
    • Fix - SQL Override on grid breaking the List Builder screen.
    • Fix - Updating fields in invoices that have invalid email addresses.
    • Fix - AERO Workflow Management welcome emails not sending.
    • Fix - RecordID showing in grid for dropdown.
    • Fix - Loop though table WHERE field = blank now works correctly.
    • Fix - Field Services Calendar - Custom Filter options .
    • Fix - Add option to hide view filter in grid.
    • Fix - Report crash when filters cover large date range.
    • Fix - Date Range Filter For Reports.
    • Fix - Desktop sync fix for conflict when converting item receipt to bill.



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