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July 2015 - Posts

  • Method App Updates - July 31st, 2015

    The following App updates are now live for users of Method

    Contacts App

    • Updated Contacts List - now has Full Name, actionable phone numbers and email for each contact
    • Updated Edit Entity screen to allow QuickBooks Desktop users to update SalesRep (Ticket AS-723)
    • Automatically close View Contact screen if the entity is deleted in another screen (Ticket AS-790) - Thanks Mahlon for highlighting this.

    Sales Orders App

    • Fixed formatting issues with the Sales Order app ribbon (Ticket AS-1026) - hat tip to Mahlon.

    Donations App

    • Some style changes for consistency

    Cheers - please keep your feedback coming,


  • Method:Classic Updates - July 30, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

    • Fixed issue with saving email preferences (Ticket AS-796)
    • Fixed issue disconnecting and reconnecting to QBO (Ticket AS-916)
    • Fixed issue with contacts not being removed when customer is deleted. (Ticket AS-836)
    • Fixed issue currency issues with Credit Card Process actions. (Ticket AS-981)
    • Fixed issue with group item totals not being calculated correctly. (Ticket AS-977)
    • Fixed issue with Auto Apply on Recieve Payments. (Ticket AS-1018)
    • Improved error logging for platform, api and sync. (Tickets TR-2,TR-3,TR-4)



  • Method Updates - July 30, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method

    • *New* Access to Import / Export tool (Ticket PL-1367)
    • *New* Ability to create a copy of a live screen/version from Designer (Ticket PL-957)
    • *New* Addition of reminder email links (Ticket PL-1066)
    • *New* Set preferences for Gmail Gadget (Ticket PL-1264)
    • Removed simplified login prompt from sign in page (Ticket PL-1300)
    • Fixed issue with retrieving company account preferences (Ticket PL-1465)



  • Method Updates - July 28, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method

    • Fix - Loop inside Conditional Statement breaks (Ticket AS-945)
    • Fix - Updated Html editor to a new version to correct line breaks (Ticket AS-793)
    • Fix - Designer produces an error on close & reopen (Ticket AS-968)
    • Fix - Added check to avoid duplicated view names (Ticket  AS-989)
    • Fix - Issue caused by failure to install apps (Ticket AS-904)
    • Fix - Added button for users to disconnect Intuit/Google accounts from signin when no active Method accounts exist (Ticket AS-864)
    • Fix - Email server and signature information is being wiped out.  Note: A fix for the Classic platform will be deployed at a later date (Ticket AS-796)



  • Method App Updates - July 17th, 2015

    The following App updates are now live for users of Method

    We would like our Method:Donor trial customers, staff and partners to be able to see the magic of Donor Pages within minutes of signing up - without having to setup a payment gateway.

    With Demo mode, which is "on" by default for new accounts, anyone can experience Donor Pages without first setting up payment gateway. It will do the full process - creating new donor, donation receipt, send emails, setup followup reminders/activities and send an internal notification - without actually processing the payment!

    It can be turned on by going to the Accounting Setup screen of Donor Pages Setup area. Check "Experience this Donor Page without processing payments."

    It will also place a "yellow notification box" on the "Donate Now" screen to notify anyone trying the screen that the payment won't be processed. The Donation (Sales Receipt) is saved with a special note in the Memo field making clear that this wasn't an actual donation, making it easy for you to identify test donations and deleting them from the Donations app. Once you are ready to accept payments: just setup the gateway, uncheck this box, share your "Donate Now" page far and wide... you're ready to go!

    Happy Demoing & Trialing Donor Pages!

    Some more updates:

    Donor Pages App

    • "Save & Next" is now the primary button on setup screens. Screens will now be closed automatically but will remain accessible from back.
    • With yesterday's Method release, "Deposit To Account" can now be set from Payment Gateway Preferences. Hence, it's been now removed from the accounting setup screen. For those that are already using that field, be sure to update your payment gateway with the correct Deposit to Account.
    • To simplify the Accounting setup screen, the Item & Program grids won't show up by default or when empty. Item & Class (Program) grids now automatically refresh as well.
    • Simplified the Activity/Email Notification screen to make "Thank You Email Template" editing optional (recommended). It only shows up by default if there is a missing field (typically, From Email)

    Opportunities App

    • Consistent comment on the Edit Opportunity screen (Thank you Mahlon for flagging this) (Ticket AS-908)
    • Edit Opportunity screen now has an app ribbon from the Sales Orders (Thank you Mahlon & Fran for raising this) (Ticket AS-958)

    Sales Receipts App

    • Automatically update the sales receipt total on screen when an item is added/removed (Ticket AS-985)

    Payments App

    • Correct name is placed in the payment record (Ticket AS-919)

    Please keep your feedback coming!



  • Method Updates - July 16, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method

    • Added Default Deposit To Account option to the Paypal Credit Card payment gateway setup (Ticket PL-1366)
    • When processing payment transactions using the payment widget, get card holder name from payment widget (Ticket PL-1366)
    • Added logging for payment gateway processing in Method (Ticket PL-1138)
    • Fix - Notification preferences screen creates error when reminder drop down is clicked (Ticket PL-1344)
    • Fix - Prevent users from using reserved keywords for naming of action results (Ticket AS-896)
    • Fix - Reconnecting in QBO produces an out-of-date email (Ticket AS-877)
    • Fix - Re-establish a connection between QBO and Method if a connection exists (Ticket AS-883)
    • Fix - Issue preventing users from linking existing linked field in tables (Ticket AS-617)
    • Fix - Issue preventing users from updating Yes/No fields on the Customer table (Ticket AS-930)



  • Method Updates - July 6, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method

    • Style updates for the payment widget (PL-1188, PL-1205, PL-1238)
    • Corrected issue so that payment widget fields clear when using the ‘clear screen’ action (PL-1190)
    • Corrected issue where users were unable to add a payment gateway (PL-1262)
    • Updated PayPal’s payment gateway name to read ‘PayPal Credit Card Payments’ (PL-1199)  
    • Spelling & grammatical corrections (PL-1226, PL-1224)
    • Style updates to fix scrolling issues within designer (PL-1244, PL-1245)
    • Style updates for Tables & Fields mobile screen (PL-1263)
    • Style updates for Add Gateway mobile screen (PL-1207, PL-1285)
    • Corrected issue with Generate Report action whereby 'Override With Report' option was not working (AS-858)

    Update - The below ticket was removed from the live environment after a further issue releated to the fix was identified.  We will re-publish this fix at a further date and be sure to let you know.  

    • Added validation to prevent users from using reserved words within actions (AS-896)



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