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January 2013 - Posts

  • Method CRM updates - Jan 30, 2013

    The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

    • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
    • QBO = QuickBooks Online

    Contacts Screen

    • Tags - You'll see a new "Tag" field in the Contacts screen. This will be phased in over the next week on many other screens in Method CRM, and will be a new way to categorize your contacts. Stay tuned for more (QBO on Jan 30th, 2013. QBD on Jan 31st, 2013)



  • Method Platform Updates - January 18, 2013

    "January" version now available

    The following updates are available on the staging site, as of January 18th.  You can access the January version by clicking "Switch to the January Version" when you sign into Method.

    • Improvement: documentation for the Outlook add-in now points to a kb article rather than an old blog post.
    • Improvement: option to remove html tags when exporting grid to rtf/xls/pdf added.
    • Improvement: option in grid wizard to use sqloverride when ordering columns.
    • Fix: timespan fix for calendars…could not use any start time other than 12am for weekview/workweekview/dayview.
    • Fix: for Mapping, only 26 locations(A-Z) would show on the map….now after 26 locations flips to numbers.
    • Fix: for multi-tenancy, after assigning a new user to a franchise the new user screen was not clearing properly.
    • Fix: for multi-tenancy, users could not see all recurring dates in an activity.
    • Fix: for multi-tenancy, users that were not part of the head office could not add/edit tables.
    • Fix: Override Filter By Active Record ID was not working in the ‘on screen load’ event in portals.
    • Fix: Series renewals were not properly setting the 1st occurrence date when the week interval was greater than one.
    • Fix: paging through a dropdown was losing the user entered filter.
    • Fix: calendars could not load due to aliasing problem with using the same column for status and second status.



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