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  • Method: Classic Updates - Nov 17, 2014

    The following updates are now live for all Method users as of November 17, 2014. 

    The following updates are now live, as of Nov 17th.

    • Feature Request: additional shipping fields for submitting to Authorize.NET. (Ticket 2129)
    • Fix - Sync Time is 5-6 hours off of the local computer time. This is for QuickBooks Desktop, when viewed under QuickBooks > Synchronize. (Ticket 4679)
    • Fix - Line items on an Invoice were showing in incorrect order in Method, when the order was changed in QB Online. (Ticket 3432)
    • Fix - Unable to load contacts into Listbuilder Account when text in the Users table was longer than ListBuilder could handle. (Ticket 4569)
    • Fix - Renaming Portal tablink breaks actions that call that tablink. (Ticket 4627)
    • Fix - PDF doc goes missing when getting renamed. (Ticket 4274)
    • Fix - Payment processing is getting 'the payment did not process' error, after Authorize.NET with FirstData had made changes to security requirements. (Ticket 4238)
    • Improvement - Separate storage for last sync completion time for Changes Only and Full Sync, to prevent a scan of the audit trail. This improves performance on the QuickBooks > Synchronize screen.



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