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April 2015 - Posts

  • Method:Classic Updates - Apr 30, 2015

    The following updates are now live for users of Method:Classic. 

    The following updates are live as of April 30, 2015.

    • Fix - Addressed timezone ID error messaging generated by Signin App (Ticket AS-656)
    • Fix - Calling save on a transaction screen does not save grids (Ticket AS-550)
    • Fix - BillPaymentCheck not syncing in certain cases (Ticket AS-634)
    • Fix - Un-archiving Purchase Order Lines not working (Ticket AS-170)



  • Method:Classic Updates - Apr 8, 2015

    The following updates will soon be made live for users of Method:Classic. 

    The following updates are planned for April 8, 2015.

    • Fix - Error when connecting to MailChimp (Ticket AS-495)
    • Fix - Scheduler times not observing DST as Morocco time (Ticket AS-269)
    • Fix - Webform email notifications not sent with port numbers (Ticket AS-423)
    • Fix - Report filters showing up blank (Ticket AS-464)
    • Fix - Estimates tax calculation differs between Method and QBD (Ticket AS-532)
    • Fix - Reassigning a work order series is not updating individual occurrences (Ticket AS-551)
    • Fix - Issue with syncing calendars for multi-tenant accounts (Ticket AS-108)
    • Fix - Added ability to reuse existing Google Calendar (if exists) when reconnecting to Google (Ticket AS-517)



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