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January 2020 - Posts

  • Method Updates - Jan 2020

    The following updates are now live for users of Method

    New Features / Updates

    • Captcha is integrated with processing payments in Method. (PL-25509)
    • Updated Gmail Sidebar to display transaction reference number instead of RecordID. (PL-25509)
    • Updated sort order on all transaction list screens. (PL-25509)
    • Opportunity Reports screen charts now show point values. (PL-25509)
    • Improved the overall layout of the New/Edit Payment screen. (PL-25509)
    • API Update Phase 1 - Add throttling limits to 60 per user capped at 400 per min per account and delay requests without rejecting it.


    • QBO - Fix sync aborts for tenant accounts without an active admin user
    • QBO - Fix Credit Memo Sync for react accounts. (PL-25779)
    • QBDT - Fix an issue were sync is aborting because of special characters.
    • QBDT - Fix for transactions getting archived out of history in some time zones.



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