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November 2012 - Posts

  • Method CRM Updates - October 21 - November 20, 2012

    The following indicates which accounting application(s) the release note(s) apply to.

    • QBD = QuickBooks Desktop
    • QBO = QuickBooks Online

    Edit Case

    • Improved (#3835) - the “Assigned To” dropdown fields now show the users full name and email address. (QBD & QBO)
    • Improved - all “Activity Type” dropdown lists now display only active activity types since now we have an “is active” field.(QBD & QBO)



  • Method Platform Updates - November 15, 2012

    "November" version now available

    The following updates will be available on the staging site on November 15th.  You can access the November version by clicking "Switch to the November Version" when you sign into Method.

    • Right-click customize - rather than having to go into Customize > Screens, you can now just right click on a screen and choose "Customize". This makes it about a million times easier. Of course, if you don't have the rights to customize, you'll get an explanation of why you can't customize and need to go back.
    • Sign into Method with your email! - you can now sign into Method using either your User Name OR your email address.
    • Multi-tenancy / franchises can invite their own users - The franchisor / main tenant of a multi-tenant account, can now grant franchisees the right to manage their own users.
    • Mobile big finger friendly - The mobile login, tab link dropdown and grid view dropdown are now all more big finger friendly.
    • 1 million cell limit on grids - for a performance improvement, there is now a 1 million cell limit on grids (so you could should a filtered list of 100,000 rows that has 10 columns per row.



  • Method Google Gadget Updates - October 30 - November 2, 2012

    Cases Tab

    • Improved (#3904) - cases are now sorted by the most recent created date.



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