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June 2016 - Posts

  • Method Updates - June 22, 2016

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Added Intuit QuickBooks Payments to our list of supported payment gateways  (PL-3615)
    • Updated design for Method sign in screens. (PL-5762)


    • Right and left nav stuck open on iOS 8. (PL-6005)
    • “Have you moved page?” displaying with every sign in for Arizona. (PL-5895)
    • Overdue accounts asking users to re-subscribe to Method. (PL-6080)
    • Duplicate sales tax codes for QBDT users. (PL-5937)
    • QBO Global invoice lines rounded to the closed dollar (PL-6045)
    • Incorrect grouping count on API Limits page (PL-5872)
    • QBDT: Sync results source, destination and count errors (PL-5342)
    • Duplicate Sales Tax Codes (PL-6108)
    • QBDT: Error saving QB prefs (PL-5868)
    • Move QBO Changes-Only Sync to be every hour, now that we have web-hooks. (PL-5889)
    • Reminder Service Clean up + Monitoring (PL-5234)

  • Method Updates - June 8, 2016

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Image / File uploader - Improve validation when linking images or files (PL-5180)


    • Issue with setting active record ID in a conditional statement (PL-5846)
    • App updates are not updating changes to starting screens (PL-5581)
    • Grid filtering not converting from UTC when using screen controls (PL-5837)
    • Load state not working on images (PL-2725)
    • Tables & Fields modals are misaligned on mobile devices (PL-5465)
    • Sales Rep table is visible in QBO accounts (PL-5648)
    • Changes to Section objects are not recognized by Designer (PL-5510)
    • Updates to file uploader style in Fire Fox (PL-5373)
    • Scroll speed on Dashboard (PL-5212)
    • Unable to save Email preferences. (PL-5876)
    • QBDT Sync - Handle closing date conflicts when syncing from Method (PL-3484)
    • Error on Gmail Gadget preferences page (PL-5641)
    • Handle syncs results with no EndDate (PL-5799)
    • Sales Receipt Subtotal calculation incorrect for QBDT (PL-5650)


    • Newly created tenants are now visible to user who created tenant. (PL-4989)
    • Unable to change Customer on existing Estimates for QBO. (PL-5796)

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