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May 2018 - Posts

  • Method Updates - May 18th, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with calculating the tax on transaction screens for QBDT accounts (PL-10909)
    • Added functionality on the Payment Portal to force payments to sync if they are set to Wait For Sync Approval (PL-16301)
    • Made Subtotal and Sales Tax read only in the Donations app for QBO Global accounts (PL-17042)
    • Added a default tax selection for Donations in QBO Global accounts that are entered through the Donor Pages app (PL-17043)
    • Fixed an error when loading the New/Edit Payment screen on QBO Global accounts (PL-17049)
    • Fixed an issue on on the mobile version of New / Edit invoice that caused the Add Item link to hide for QBO accounts (PL-17050)
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Total to appear twice on the New / Edit Donation screen for QBO Global accounts (PL-17057)
    • Hid the Currency column on transactions screens when viewed from a mobile device for QBO Global accounts (PL-17059)



  • Method Updates - May 16th, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • For QuickBooks Desktop accounts, Sync Region is now available as a session variable (PL-16391)
    • A new session variable is now available within Action Editor to show if the user is an administrator so that it is easier to add components designed to be viewable for Administrators (PL-16726)
    • User experience improvements within the Attachment Widget to allow file names to wrap (PL16728)
    • Custom Fields created within QuickBooks Online are now synced and available within tables in Method (PL-16733)
    • App Ribbon performance has been improved by 30% (PL-16664)
    • Import now supports tagging imported lists. (PL-15472)
    • Added Global add support for all apps including custom apps. (PL-15470)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with Retrieve Date time stored in an action result was changing 5-6 hours (PL-16474)
    • Fixed an issue where Changes Only Sync sometimes switched to Full Sync (PL-15301)
    • Fixed an issue with Editable Grids where errors occurred with hidden values on screen (PL-16427)
    • Fixed an issue with the Payment Gateway Currency Code was hardcoded to USD for QuickBooks Desktop Single Currency Accounts (PL-16585)
    • Fixed and issue with grids where selections count was displaying an incorrect value (PL-16782)
    • Fixed an issue with number formatting availability for Text type input fields  (PL-16795)
    • Fixed an issue to make the preferences table visible in the UI and actions for QuickBooks Online (PL-16875)
    • Fixed an issue to calculate the correct value for IsRatePercentage for QuickBooks Online US Sales Receipts (PL-15075)
    • Fixed an UI issue where the contact header 'Name,Search and New' remained highlighted when choosing an app from hamburger icon (PL-15738)
    • Fixed an issue with Date Picker occasionally triggering the incorrect date (PL-16676)
    • Fixed an issue with editable grids not displaying properly under specific circumstances(PL-16877)
    • Updated Gmail Gadget to include a link about upcoming release of new version. (PL-16487)
    • Fixed issue with viewing / uploading attachments on guest screens. (PL-16314)
    • Added Company Name to the default shipping address in the Purchase Orders app (PL-14775)
    • Enabled a Save link in the Donations app (PL-15836)
    • Fixed the Account Details Customer dropdown in the Purchase Order app (PL-15838)
    • Fixed an issue with item amounts in the Donation app (PL-15839)
    • Fixed the issue with Billing and Shipping address not updated when choosing another vendor (PL-15840)
    • Took out the Ship Method field from the Purchase Order app for QBO accounts (PL-15842)
    • Hid the tax dropdown in the Purchase Orders app (PL-15847)
    • Added RecordID column to the Sales Order List screen (PL-15895)
    • Took out the default value of 1 on the editable grid in the Purchase Order app (PL-15938)
    • Added better error messaging to the Contacts app when trying to delete a primary contact (PL-15940)
    • Removed validation for Tax on the editable grid in the Donations app (PL-16307)
    • Fixed an issue that caused donations to come in as $0 in the Donations app (PL-16333)
    • Fixed an issue that caused some Opportunities to not show up in reports if they are on the last day of the month (PL-16593)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Payment Ref Number from getting updated in the Payments app (PL-16811)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the user from sending email campaigns when creating activities (PL-16813)
    • Fixed an issue with an item filter in the Donations app (PL-16930)
    • Fixed an issue that caused some users to redirect to an incorrect screen in Donations app (PL-16934)
    • Removed the text "PaymentMethodPlaceholder" on the Guest - View Invoice screen (PL-16971)
    • Added QTY, Rate, and Amount to editable grids in Donations (PL-16990)
    • Fixed an issue with tax dropdowns in Donations app (PL-16991)



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