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December 2017 - Posts

  • Method Updates - Dec 21th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Further enhancements for Editable Grids that help with header alignment, editable or read only state, and confirmations (PL-13823)
    • Relocation and icon change of the “+” icon for setting an image for a contact (PL-14562)
    • Renaming of Data Tables to Editable Grids (PL-14918)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with incorrect error message when creating an account that starts with a number. (PL-14676)
    • Fixed issue with importing into CustomerType field. (PL.13468)
    • Fixed issue with importing files with a + in the filename. (PL-12967)
    • Fixed issue with importing related to lastname being greater than 25 characters. (PL-13500)
    • Fixed issue with importing not correctly handling $ symbols. (PL-14124)
    • Fixed issue with importing files with duplicate columns names. (PL-14241)
    • Fixed issue with importing drag and drop not working because of columns with - in the name (PL-14986)
    • Fixed an issue in the Action editor where default settings activated "Specify email settings" (PL-15052)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile where text became invisible on some of the fields on the New Contact screen (PL-14900)
    • Fixed an issues with a button becoming enabled before other actions are executed when processing credit cards (PL-14898)
    • Fixed an issue with searching Link fields on grids (PL-14887)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile when searching for contacts in new activity in mobile app. (PL-14767)
    • Fixed an issue opening actions from editable grids in screen designer while in publish mode (PL-14742)
    • Fixed an issue with the Cases table (PL-14739)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile where Account Type Default radio buttons were misaligned (PL-14731)
    • Fixed an issue with the character function where merge fields table dropdown was displaying a vague error message  (PL-14534)
    • Fixed a small issue with Reports - Tables and Fields in the preferences table displaying unnecessary information(PL-14296)
    • Fixed an issue on the Donor page limiting amounts on the iphone (PL-13996)
    • Fixed an issue with email validation allowing comma at the end of the email field (PL-13840)
    • Fixed an issue where items could not be added to existing donations (PL-13490)
    • Fixed an issue on the Opportunities App  where charts data was not loading when user clicked on any activity from chart and click back  (PL-13105)
    • Fixed an issue with filter views where it appeared broken if another Grid on the same page was sorted (PL-12987)



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