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Method Platform Updates - August 4, 2011

Method Platform updates
  • New - 'Method Coach' now sends you notification emails when you complete setup tasks and recommends your next steps.  Read more:
  • New - Resolve Conflicts now has a Clear link to ignore the conflict, and a Clear All button to ignore all conflicts.
  • New - You now have the ability to adjust the alignment of grid columns in the grid wizard.
  • New - For QB Online beta testers, a Sync icon has been added to the top-right that let's you initiate a sync.
  • New - We have established a "Content Delivery Network" called which we are routing javascript and images through.  This is geeky stuff, but it causes Method to run slightly faster because your browser can send more requests at the same time. 
  • Fix - There was a problem with dropdowns in Chrome where in some situations the results of the dropdown would appear hidden, so you would still see "Loading..." even though the results were ready to be click on.  Once you moved your mouse over top, the rest of the dropdown appeared. It is actually a Chrome bug, but we found a workaround.
  • Fix - There was a problem in Chrome when changing the caption of a grid column in step 2 of the grid wizard.  The caption would change, but you'd get an ambiguous error message.  This is now resolved.
  • Fix - Tab links weren't getting dynamically created for CRM 2.0 tabs.  When you create a new screen and assign it to a tab, the tab link should show up automatically.  However, with the new CRM 2.0 tabs this wasn't working properly, and would only show up once you signed out and signed back in. 
  • Fix - There was a bug where editing an existing customer would cause the Contact Name on the associated Contact to go blank.  The affected Contact Names have been restored, and the issue is now resolved.
  • Fix - A security update caused HTML tags like <b> and <i> to be displayed in the body of some screens, such as the Cases screen, instead of actually rendering the HTML properly.  We resolved the issue by adding these tags to our security validation.





v.cameron said:

Thank you so much for the Clear All in the conflicts.  I had a bunch of old ones in a file I just couldn't get to go away.  I've been ignoring them, but I just used this and it worked like a dream!

August 4, 2011 1:57 PM

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